Our acquisition strategy brings new technologies and business models to Cisco.

    Cisco's growth strategy is based on identifying and driving market transitions. Corporate Development focuses on acquisitions that help Cisco capture these market transitions.

    Cisco segments acquisitions into three categories: market acceleration, market expansion, and new market entry. The target companies might bring different types of assets to Cisco, including great talent and technology, mature products and solutions, or new go-to-market and business models. Cisco particularly seeks acquisitions with the potential to reach billion dollar markets.

    Integration is essential to successful acquisitions. Our overall business development effort includes engaging from the early diligence phase through to mainstream business, by investing in dedicated integration resources across the company at the corporate and functional levels. We have a long history of integration, achieving best practices through continuous learning and deep experience with a process that challenges all companies who repeatedly make acquisitions.

    Leaders in IT and other markets frequently seek Cisco's advice on acquisition integration. Our integration process starts with the entire acquisition strategy. Cisco seeks acquisitions where there is not only a strong business case but also a shared business and technological vision, and where compatibility of core values and culture foster an environment for success.