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UCS Case Study: Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza

A tech-savvy pizza company delighting customers worldwide.

Explore how Cisco UCS turned big ideas into big wins for Domino's.

Challenge #1

Become the go-to option for digital age pizza lovers.

Their early lead in the pizza delivery arena was being challenged, just as customer expectations about fast and easy service were rising higher than ever. Domino's had to make some decisions about the future.

Solution #1

Become a technology company that also makes great pizza.

Digital ordering and point-of-sale IT supported by Cisco UCS technologies lets customers order, catch a "pizza theater" performance, and switch on the porch light for the delivery person—from their couch.

Results #1

Over ten years, ticker symbol DPZ is up, way up.

With 60% of their sales coming from online orders, ranks as one of the top 10 US e-commerce sites in dollar volume. IT innovation has helped drive a 10-year 2000% increase in stock price.

Challenge #2

"We wanted to know our customers really well."
- Kevin Vasconi, CIO at Domino's Pizza

Names and phone numbers are only the tip of the big data iceberg. Domino’s understood that giving customers an end-to-end positive experience depended on gathering a lot more information.

Solution #2

Listen to what customers data points are telling you.

Dominos modernized its three global data centers using the latest generation of Cisco UCS hardware and software. By connecting 14,000 stores on a common UCS platform, Domino's can harness data from every customer interaction to improve the customer experience.

Results #2

Insights help correct mistakes and build on success.

Collect 14,000 stores worth of customer data on a common Cisco UCS platform, and you can do things like A/B test to develop better products and services, and use AI to predict customer behavior.

Challenge #3

Change Super Bowl Sunday from headache to celebration.

The pizza business is based on surges in demand. That means nights, weekends and what Domino's CIO Kevin Vasconi calls "the biggest pizza day on the planet", Super Bowl Sunday. Domino’s needed to put their game face on.

Solution #3

Build availability, scalability and security into the recipe.

Domino's adds new capacity and apps in hours to meet fluctuating demand, and avoids lengthy hardware purchasing and installation cycles. Says Vasconi: "We are 100% UCS. We use the Cisco stack from top to bottom."

Results #3

The Domino's IT team can relax and enjoy a ball game.

So says Vasconi: "In the old days, we would be nervous when the Super Bowl was approaching. On game day, servers would start to run hot and we scrambled to decide where to add memory. “Today, we have pizza and watch the game."

"When we call Cisco, someone answers the phone that cares."
- Kevin Vasconi, CIO at Domino's Pizza

In 2010, Domino's Pizza decided it was time to break out of the pack. The pizza delivery marketplace had become crowded and sluggish, but consumers were clamoring for speed and simplicity. A new generation of pizza lovers were thriving on smartphones and social media, demanding ultra-fast service, online and off. So, Domino's developed a powerfully simple strategy: harness technology to make Domino’s the easiest pizza chain to do business with.

This multi-year transformation didn't happen overnight. It began with a series of strategic investments in new digital-ordering and point-of-sale system. Tied together and supported by the latest Unified Computing System technologies from Cisco. With over 14,000 stores globally, this pizza chain was able to create a world-leading platform for delivering pizza satisfaction.

The results? Growth in share price that outpaced Netflix, Tesla, Amazon and Apple. More customer data insights per transaction than toppings on a supreme pizza, driving incremental sales. And now, a new title as the most modern pizza-ordering company in the marketplace.

Turning big ideas into big wins.
That's what Dominos does. That's what Cisco does.

Cisco UCS. It's not a server. It's a system.

See how a Cisco Unified Computing System helped this story come to life.

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