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Embracing software driven network automation for consistent and quality outcomes

Embracing software driven network automation for consistent and quality outcomes

Using Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), Telstra has achieved network automation across multiple functional domains (Access, Data Centre and Global VPN), allowing Telstra rapid time to market and instant activation of a variety of Infrastructure and VPN services.

Telstra offers Infrastructure...

Telstra offers Infrastructure and VPN service lifecycle orchestration to both internal and external stakeholders through automation of previously manual tasks.

The challenge

Groups within Telstra have been offering a wide variety of network services to their internal and external stakeholders, including:

  1. Infrastructure centric services involving device/port turn-ups.
  2. Tenant overlay networks to allow customers to connect to their assets hosted within the SP environment.
  3. Customer-facing services such as connecting customer’s global-VPNs to the public cloud.

Irrespective of the type of service, enterprises need instant activation via self-service portal[s]. They need simplification of the offerings so that these can be consumed faster, easier and in an intuitive and consistent manner. Also Telstra requires high accuracy and minimal variations in service delivery to reduce the risk of outages.

Telstra saw an opportunity to simplify and automate operations, expand its share of the rapidly growing value-added VPNs, SP-hosted and hybrid cloud markets and set the standard for on-demand network services. However, automation of multi-platform, multi-vendor, multi-domain network environment was no small task.

The company

  • Telstra Corporation Limited
  • Market reach: Australia & Global (selected)
  • Location: Australia, Headquarters Melbourne
  • Industry: Telecommunications – Fixed line, Mobile and Internet/Data network services

Challenges at a glance

  • Operational complexity across network infrastructure layer
  • Delays in bringing network elements from testing to full-scale production
  • Integration complexity of network services with OSS/ BSS systems

The solution

Having completed multiple proof-of-concepts with Cisco NSO, Telstra demonstrated that the platform allows for the programmability (via standards based APIs) of any device, any platform, any vendor – legacy or new breed. Also, the platform can be used to host many network automation use-cases – from automation of network infrastructure turn-up to programming of end-to-end cross-domain services.

NSO is utilized as a single centralized control-point to achieve outcomes across the entire network layer. Cisco NSO offers rapid time to market of innovative pre-tested services and instant activation of instances of these services in the network.

With Cisco NSO, Telstra can automate the full range of data services and multivendor devices in its global markets. Telstra can orchestrate the entire service lifecycle – including activation, testing, and ongoing service-level assurance – encapsulated within a single data-model for each service-type. And it can continually refine and repackage its network services at the speed of software.

Solution at a glance

  • End-to-end automation for greater visibility and faster service delivery
  • Pre-designed and tested innovative service models – no service disruptions
  • Orchestration of the entire service lifecycle encapsulated within the service’s data model


Cisco NSO has helped Telstra build an innovative software DevOps platform to deploy network automation use-cases.

The benefit

With Cisco NSO, Telstra is now offering a growing portfolio of automated solutions that can immediately adapt to changing demands.

  • Availability: Helps to reduce disruptions due to human factors by automating and guarding infrastructure and services turn-up to a higher degree.
  • Quality and consistency: Increase accuracy, substantially reduce variation and service deployment latency due to human factors by automating infrastructure and service turn-up to a higher degree.
  • Formalise interfaces: Preserve and improve business agility by each Telstra functional group by building maintainable service packages and exposing formal interfaces into their domains for well-defined and controlled consumption. These interfaces/APIs are becoming core business assets.
  • End-to-end visibility: Ability to view real-time information about service instances with the capability to audit and perform compliance-checks to ensure consistency.


1000’s of network devices managed around the world


Seconds or minutes to take an order to completion with no disruptions


Thousands of tasks automated


Every single provisioned service instance can be audited in real-time

This model-driven approach to network automation will enable us to dramatically increase our level of automation and assurance for our customers.
The flexibility and open nature of the Cisco solution will provide us some of the tools needed to innovate new services at a rapid pace in line with the expectations of our customers, particularly in the area of orchestrated assurance.

Channa Seneviratne, Executive Director Network & Infrastructure Engineering, Telstra

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Embracing software driven network automation for consistent and quality outcomes
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