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Network Planning and Analytics

WAE Planning evolved from the Cisco MATE software suite. It provides a cross-sectional view of traffic, topology, and equipment state. And it takes advantage of a predictive model that performs “what if” analyses of failure impacts. You can add measuring, trending, and health monitoring capabilities to maintain a high-performance network.

Video Data Sheet

Optimize and Automate your Network with the WAN Automation Engine. (3:04 min)

Features and Capabilities

Precise Network Modeling

Cisco WAE planning gives you exceptional levels of visibility into the network. Customers can take advantage of their existing software investments. They can also easily add programmatic control with Cisco WAE Automation.

WAE Planning provides for the precise modeling of complex networks. Its comprehensive, easily navigable network analytics and dynamic visualization solutions help you make timely, informed technical and business decisions.

Basic, Standard, and Premium

Cisco WAE Planning has flexible buying models.

WAE Planning Basic provides the tools necessary for you to optimize traffic distribution, identify vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks on multivendor networks. You gain the benefits of:

  • Extensive offline modeling capabilities for simulating network availability and failover scenarios
  • Superior simulation performance and metric analysis of multicore platforms
  • Automated and intelligent traffic balancing and capacity optimization that use the infrastructure efficiently
  • Comprehensive forecasting based on traffic trends, external network influences, regional growth, and other inputs

WAE Planning Standard includes all the WAE Planning Basic features and adds network analytics and dynamic visualization. You can:

  • Create easy-to-understand and detailed user-configurable network reports and graphs
  • Explore operational attributes of physical and logical interfaces, link state packets and nodes, and view demand information
  • Identify the suboptimal use of physical and logical link aggregate groups (LAGs) and define thresholds to monitor

WAE Planning Premium has all the features in the Basic and Standard models and includes additional features such as:

  • Multicast capabilities
  • VPN access
  • NetFlow data collection
  • Segment routing

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