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Cisco Crosswork Change Automation and Health Insights Data Sheet

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Updated:May 14, 2019

Available Languages

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    (346.4 KB)
    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:May 14, 2019


Cisco Crosswork Change Automation and Health Insights provide a programmable remediation system that supports closed-loop operations based on configurable KPIs and feedback-driven workflows.

Product Overview

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation enables service providers to proactively manage their end-to-end networks, with a suite of machine-learning, intent-based and closed-loop solutions to ensure faster innovation, extraordinary customer experiences, and operational excellence.

On-premise solutions provide actionable insights with automated network orchestration, accelerating mean-time-to-value by monetizing agile new services, as well as minimizing mean-time-to-remediation to avoid network degradation and customer issues. Cisco Crosswork Cloud provides multiple SaaS solutions that provide operational insights and validation of network health and security with the agility and scale of the cloud.

Cisco Crosswork Change Automation: The Cisco Crosswork Change Automation application automates the process of deploying changes to the network. The user defines the orchestration via an embedded Ansible Playbook; then configuration changes get pushed to Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) to be deployed to the network.

Cisco Crosswork Health Insights: Cisco Crosswork Health Insights is a network health application that performs real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting. The Cisco Crosswork Health Insights application enables programmable monitoring and analytics. Cisco Crosswork Health Insights provides a platform to address changes to the network infrastructure dynamically. Cisco Crosswork Health Insights builds dynamic detection and analytics modules that allow operators to monitor and alert on network events based on user-defined logic.

Features and Benefits



Open application ecosystem layer:

  Open APIs
  Open app development
  Partner ecosystem


  Avoids vendor lock-in
  Faster time to market
  Greater pool of developers

Centralized data source and processing layer:

  Single inventory
  Single data set
  Efficient scaling


  Data integrity
  Faster development time
  Reduces integration cost

Common deployment and collection services layer:

  Model driven
  Optimizes network usage
  Reduces integration cost
  Reduces hardware and facilities cost

Management application:

  Cross-domain device management
  Cross-domain service management


  Increases speed of development
  Faster time to market

Real time KPI tracking application:

Recommendation engine

Smart Baselining and Statistical Thresholding

Alert & Correlation engine

Custom and out-of-the-box KPIs

Alert Forwarding

Closed-loop Remediation

Dramatically Reduces the cost associated with discovering and fixing errors in the network

Workflow automation application:

Ansible Compatible Workflow Engine

Pre and Post State Comparison

Scheduled Deployments

Rollback on Failure

Out-of-box and Configurable Plays

Continuous, Single-step or Dry-run execution

Continuous and Inline verification

Detailed Audit Trails

Dramatically Reduces the time to execute planned and unplanned changes to the Network

Closed Loop Remediation

The ability to identify and remediate problems in the network before customers notice is critical for network operators. With the Crosswork Change Automation and Health Insights closed loop function, service providers can automate the process of discovering and remediating problems in the network by allowing an operator to match an alarm to pre-defined remediation tasks. These tasks will automatically be performed once a defined Key Performance Indicator (KPI) threshold has been breached.

Remediation can be implemented with or without the network operator approval, depending on the setting and preferences of the operator.

Using closed loop remediation reduces the time it takes to discover and repair a problem while minimizing the risk of making a mistake and creating an additional error through high-stakes manual network operator intervention.

Platform Support Information

Each Health Insights instance can support a single interface KPI streaming at a 60s cadence across 300K simultaneous interfaces. The realized scale can vary significantly (higher or lower) depending on the type and number of KPIs, desired cadence and relative distribution of interfaces across devices. The system is less sensitive to the number of devices compared with the total number of interfaces. In addition, adding more compute resources beyond the recommended VM profile can provide a boost in performance.

Cisco Crosswork supports Model-Driven Telemetry (MDT) on the following platforms.

This information is provided with the assumption that you plan to stream telemetry in band with other data traffic. If you want to stream telemetry via a separate management VRF, you must use Cisco IOS XR version 6.2.2 or later.



Software Version1

Config Mode

Telemetry Type



Classic XR

Cisco ASR 9000

Cisco CRS



XR NED CLI 6.6.1




Spirit XR

Cisco NCS 6000



XR NED CLI 6.6.1





Cisco ASR 9000 (64 bit)

Cisco NCS 2000

Cisco NCS 5000

Cisco NCS 5500 series



XR NED CLI 6.6.1




1 Includes any later version that is backward-compatible with the 6.2.1 (device-native), or 6.1.4 XR CLI YANG model (as appropriate). Before attempting to deploy with a particular later version, please check for compatibility with your Cisco account team.

System Requirements

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Requirements



Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Supported Web Browsers



Google Chrome

70 or later

Mozilla Firefox

60 or later

Recommended display resolution: 1600 x 900 pixels or higher (minimum: 1366 x 768).

Virtual Machine (VM) Requirements

You can install Cisco Crosswork on a VM that meets the following requirements.




VMware ESXi 6.5 Update 2d or later


96 GB minimum

Disk space

1 TB, but see the volume requirements displayed in the GUI when configuring disk space


16 vCPUs


Two physical interfaces:

  One interface for management traffic, including SSH and GUI access to the VM. The DNS and NTP servers, and the default gateway, must be reachable via this interface.
  One interface for data traffic. Managed devices must be reachable via this interface (routable).

IP Addresses

Two IPv4 addresses: One for the management network interface and one for the data network interface.

Cisco and Partner Services

Please contact your Cisco account representative for details regarding configuring and ordering Cisco Crosswork Network Automation.

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