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Automation will free your network experts to work on these 5 things

The network is a crucial element of your modern business infrastructure. More devices and things continue to connect and network engineers face an increasingly complex workload. However, your administrators do not need to be tied to the network to keep performance high. In the digital age, your business can use network automation to improve operational efficiency and free up engineers to work on higher value areas.

1. Information security

The cybersecurity risk continues to increase, both in terms of the techniques being used and the potential costs to your business. Service providers must take a creative approach to this threat. Automation will allow your network engineers to spend more time investigating new techniques and ensuring stringent levels of protection are in place.

2. Network optimization

If you spend less time on day-to-day operational concerns, you can spend more time on techniques that will help to make your network faster and more efficient. Advanced telemetry and analytics let your staff optimize the network and customize the user experience. Also, remember that network function virtualization and software-defined networking include techniques that allow engineers to refine network performance still further.

3. True agility

Consumers in the digital age are more demanding than ever before. Service providers must be able to respond quickly. Being able to scale-up services to meet new business demand will be key to network success. By taking advantage of automation, your engineers can plug-and-play new elements with ease, building, changing and troubleshooting elements of network provision on-demand. The result is a smarter and more flexible approach to networking.

See how Open Network Architecture can help transform your business

4. Business engagement

Great network engineers, like all modern IT professionals, need to spend less time with cabling and more time with people. By taking advantage of automation, engineers can spend time outside the data center and have the time to discover what business peers want from a network. They can find out elements that need to be improved and think about how a great network boosts customer experience.

5. Digital transformation

Day-to-day operational concerns are not the key to success in the digital era. The competitive advantage of your business is its ability to absorb constant change. New developments continue to come online, such as 5G, IoT, video and cloud. Your network experts must have the space to support your business growth strategy. By automating provision, your engineers can spend time on areas of true innovation, such as mobile apps, connectivity and rich media experiences.

Your business now needs to find a partner to help you deliver network automation and true digital transformation. The Cisco Open Network Architecture for service providers represents an infrastructure transformation that leaves past approaches to software, hardware, services, and operations far behind. Find out how the Cisco Open Network Architecture can help your business.