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Business outcomes

Get consistency and visibility from data center to cloud

Achieve consistent policies and full visibility of users, devices, networks, applications, workloads, and processes from data center to cloud.

Use segmentation and block-permitting to prevent attackers

Reduce the attack surface and prevent attackers from moving laterally with granular control from the network to the individual application.

Protect against threats

Stop the breach. Quickly detect, block, and respond to attacks before hackers can steal data or disrupt operations.

How CX can help

Modernize the network

Simplify network infrastructure and enhance on-premises data and application security.


  • Deploy application-centric infrastructure (ACI) and policies.

  • Deploy Cisco Secure Workload (Tetration) and Cisco SecureX Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) for workload protection and network traffic analytics.

  • Deploy firewalls to further secure workload resources.


Capabilities delivered

  • Block-permit policy model and security segmentation with Cisco ACI and Secure Workload

  • Template-based configuration

  • Spine/leaf topology and integrate ACI with Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC)

  • Threat detection and segmentation capabilities with SecureX Network Analytics



  • Increased IT efficiency with simplified network infrastructure and orchestration.

  • Achieved workload mobility and flexibility.

  • Contained and prevented threats.

  • Increased efficiency and self-service with template-based configuration.


Unify data center and cloud

Define and manage consistent application segmentation policy.


  • Deploy a simple, consistent policy across multiple on-premises and public cloud instances.

  • Build a set of IT services in strategic colocation or data center locations.

  • Deploy Cisco SecureX Network Analytics (Stealthwatch) cloud to extend visibility and threat detection into cloud environments.

  • Utilize firewalls, IPS, and antimalware for threat detection.


Capabilities delivered

  • Cisco ACI Anywhere

  • Cisco Secure Workload (Tetration) in public cloud

  • Cisco SecureX Network Analytics capabilities

  • Deploy Cisco Hyperflex

  • Actionable analytics in Business Critical Services to predict opportunities and preempt risks



  • Consistent network policies across on-premises data centers and public and private clouds

  • Enhanced visibility, segmentation and threat detection across on-premises and cloud environments

  • Enhanced end user experience with flexible access to cloud and on-premise resources

  • Increased efficiency via simplified policy management across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments


Protect workloads

Implement Cisco Secure Workload (Tetration) and AppDynamics.


  • Implement Cisco Secure Workload for workload protection and block-permit policy.

  • Deploy AppDynamics for application performance monitoring.

Capabilities delivered

  • Integration of Cisco Secure Workload analytics into production data center environment

  • Definition of Cisco Secure Workload use cases aligned with business objectives

  • Validation of policies and compliance

  • Implemention of provisioning and segmentation of block-permit policy enablement

  • Implemention of actionable analytics in Business Critical Services to predict opportunities and preempt risks



  • Reduced security risk in the data center by quickly identifying common vulnerabilities and exposures.

  • Used application insights to align network policy with business policy requirements.


Predict and protect

Ensure network security policy and compliance.


  • Utilize Cisco Network Assurance Engine to proactively verify networkwide behavior and catch dynamic state issues before users experience service degradation.

  • Ensure network security policy and compliance.

Capabilities delivered

  • Deployment of Cisco Network Assurance Engine

  • Provision of comprehensive monitoring and management through Cisco Managed Services for Data Center and Cloud

  • Implementation of actionable analytics in Business Critical Services to predict opportunities and preempt risks



  • Increased data and application protection by proactively verifying data center network state, policy and behavior.

  • Reduced or eliminated change-induced errors and outages by predicting the impact of changes.

  • Avoided downtime and lost revenue by minimizing human errors and eliminating configuration drift.


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Business Critical Services Cisco Managed Services for Data Center and Cloud Cisco Managed Detection and Response

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