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Business outcomes

Automated enforcement of security policies

Enforce consistent business-level security policies across your infrastructure with intent-based networking utilizing segmentation and automation.

Reduce OpEx on infrastructure management

Take advantage of automation to create a more reliable and efficient environment with automated device onboarding and campuswide software image management.

Improve user experience

Use intent-based networking assurance capabilities to track trends and predict and remedy performance degradation across the network.

How CX can help

Set up your network

Improve security posture by implementing Cisco security technologies.


  • Assess requirements and select switching and wireless infrastructure platforms.

  • Upgrade switching and wireless infrastructure.

  • Integrate Cisco DNA Center security with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco SecureX Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), Cisco Secure Access with Duo, and Cisco AnyConnect.

CX capabilities delivered

  • Creation of assessment report and delivery plan.

  • Configuration and deployment of validated switching and wireless infrastructure, including user and device identity, segmentation.

  • Testing and validation of extended security, automation, and assurance capabilities.

  • Knowledge transfer and run book.


  • Scalable, high-performance switching and wireless infrastructure.

  • IT alignment to business and application policy requirements.

  • Consistency, security, scalability and cost reduction through automation, and assurance.

Secure your infrastructure

Seamlessly set up high-speed switching and wireless infrastructure.


  • Enable enhanced security products: ISE, Secure Access (Duo), AnyConnect, SecureX Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), and Encrypted Traffic Analytics.

  • Enable DNA Center and pilot common use cases.

CX capabilities delivered

  • Definition of comprehensive authentication use cases for wired and wireless users, remote users campus and branch users and devices, including BYOD, guest access and profiles.

  • Configuration of network for secure connectivity, including multi-factor Authentication and zero trust–protected remote access.

  • IoT and malware protection.

  • Configuration and deployment network assurance, base automation, and SDA automation.

  • Configuration and extension of Cisco DNA Center to IoT network.

  • Knowledge transfer and run book, including review of dashboard for security anomalies.


  • Enhanced mobile workforce security.

  • Improved network security.

  • Reduced cost and improve operational efficiency through automation.

  • Increased uptime and availability.

Expand for enterprise scale

Spread automation, assurance, and security capabilities across multiple sites.


  • Move security and Cisco DNA Center pilot use cases into production.

  • Pilot multisite Cisco SD-Access over SD-WAN.

  • Pilot extended enterprise with IoT Fabric Edge.


CX capabilities delivered

  • Configuration of dashboard for automation, assurance, improved visibility and remediation of security issues.

  • Creation of policy and demonstration of consistency and segmentation from campus to branch.

  • Extension of Cisco DNA capabilities such as security, automation, and assurance to IoT and operational technology environments.

  • Creation and validation IoT network security and management.



  • Reduced risks and protected assets across the enterprise.

  • Cisco expertise accelerated time to value.


Production deployment

Expand ISE and Cisco DNA Center infrastructure with end-to-end management and visibility.


  • Expand ISE and Cisco DNA Center infrastructure.

  • Deploy broad-based, multisite SD-Access fabric for granular network policy using micro-segmentation.

  • Integrate Cisco DNA Center with vManage console.


CX capabilities delivered

  • Continued to roll out of ISE and Cisco DNA Center for the entire enterprise. Validation and refinement of precise level of device and application control, specific user policies across wired, wireless and IoT environments.

  • Segmentation of network traffic, Layer 2 capabilities delivered at Layer 3, device mobility, scalability, and operational simplicity.

  • End-to-end management and visibility from campus to WAN to branch.

  • Review and implemention of actionable analytics from Business Critical Services to predict opportunities and preempt risks.

  • Knowledge transfer and run book.



  • Reduced risk through enhanced and comprehensive security for people, devices, and apps.

  • Business unit security isolation.

  • Easier, faster IT integration in mergers and acquisitions.

  • Gained expertise in management of SD-WAN and SD-Access environments.

  • Enhanced availability and uptime, with lower costs due to automation.


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