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Trusted workspace network solutions for the new normal

For smooth business operation you need to create a trusted workplace, for staff to be able to work in your office spaces, safely. This now includes ensuring a safe environment for effective pandemic control.

Occupation density monitoring

Your business need

To keep your business running effectively you need your offices to be open. To do so you need them to be a safe space for your staff, visitors and customers.

How we can help

Ensure your office is a safe environment for your teams to return to work through detailed workplace occupancy analytics, and the ability to share key notifications to your employees.

  • Employee safety
  • Real-time occupation analytics
  • Ability to set threshold limits and notifications
  • Ability to see impact analysis of Covid Policies on office usage

Solution overview

Use Cisco DNA Spaces to get real time location data insight and analytics from your Cisco wireless infrastructure. Take this further with our Ecosystem partner Movement Strategies to combine wireless data with other data sources such as Meraki Camera.


Proximity reporting

Your Business Need

Keeping your staff and visitors safe to keep your business operating is paramount. If a situation does arise you want to be able to respond fast and effectively, while minimising unecessary disruption.

How we can help

Make rapid response to any COVID incidents reported using the Cisco DNA Spaces Proximity Reporting appliction. 

  • Investigate potential impact across employees and zones
  • Ensure Employee Safety
  • Get increased visibility
  • No additional hardware or apps

Real-estate utilisation

Your Business Need

Finding areas to reduce costs is critical to protect your bottom-line.  As working practices change, your real-estate portfolio can be an opportunity for savings. 

How we can help

You can use your network to provide portfolio-wide insights on office utilisation, gaining the real-time data needed to make informed decisions

  • Real-time office occupancy
  • Insight into inter-office mobility
  • Inform right-sizing decisions
  • Understand social distancing and density impact

Solution overview

Leverage powerful AI & Wi-Fi-based workplace occupancy analytics from your Cisco wireless infrastruture and ecosystem partner Basking to better understand your real estate

See how our customers are adapting

A blueprint to ensure workplace safety

“…we can monitor employee safety almost in real time. It will generate an alarm if there are too many people in an office, or if they are too close together.”
- Colliers International

Using wireless networks to help workplace management

“Creating safe spaces for everyone is the only way to make people feel good about going back to the office.”
- Basking.io

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