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Top Five Considerations before deploying WAN Optimization

Choosing the right WAN optimization solution does not need to be complex. Below are the top five factors you should consider when selecting a suitable WAN optimization solution for your business.

1. Flexibility and cost-efficiency
WAN optimization solutions deliver cost-efficiency while enhancing network performance. Read why Cisco WAAS provides one of the best bandwidth savings with faster return on investment (ROI) and offers the widest portfolio of network services. Use our ROI calculator and see how much you will save for your business. Cisco Virtual WAAS is also the industry's first cloud-ready WAN optimization solution in its class, and can help boost application speeds in the cloud.
2. Best Performance
Your WAN optimization needs to be reliable enough for today's business demands and scalable for tomorrow's market changes. The solution should help you achieve greater application throughout with lesser maintenance and devices over a shorter period of time. With WAN optimization, you can consolidate branch infrastructure to the data center, providing faster application and data access. Read how Cisco provides best-of-class solution in the area of WAN acceleration for you.
3. Transparent Integration
Ease the deployment of your WAN optimization solution. The selected solution should offer seamless integration with your infrastructure. Find out whether the solution gives you network transparency, interoperability and security. In the current market, Cisco WAAS can help your business improve application performance in the WAN while protecting existing IT network investment.
4. Ease of Management
Conveniently manage your WAN optimization. Any IT consolidation project should result in a simplified, lower-cost infrastructure that is less complex and easier to maintain. The solution should help you effectively manage your branch offices and IT policies. With Cisco WAAS, your company has the benefit of a simple central management console which helps to consolidate infrastructure conveniently and efficiently.
5. Industry Recognition
Select only the best WAN optimization capabilities. We highly recommend that your solution be verified by industry tests. Recently, Cisco is recognized in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for WAN optimization controllers. Our WAAS services have been acclaimed for its broad solutions portfolio and competitive pricing. Find out how other companies have benefited from Cisco WAAS.