Deploy applications faster


Being able to deploy new application and IT business initiatives faster has a direct impact on our competitive position.

Cisco virtualisation can help you respond faster to business challenges.


Deploy applications faster


Cisco VFrame Data Centre

Network-driven service orchestration solution to speed up deployment of new applications and services.


Dawn of the New Data Centre

Explore how the new Cisco Unified Computing System solves your data centre challenges.


Unlocking the Potential of Virtualisation

Learn how to overcome the drawbacks of data centre virtualisation so you can begin to realise the technology's full potential.

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  • Learn how the network is facilitating the dynamic, efficient provisioning of virtualised services. The latest technologies, such as Cisco VFrame Data Centre, offer applications the same reliability, security, and performance as traditionally deployed physical infrastructures, while facilitating seamless data centre virtualisation and orchestration.

  • How Cisco IT Virtualises Data Centre Application Servers
    This case study covers Cisco's experience virtualising servers within a data centre from end-to-end - including challenges, solutions, results and learnings. (PDF )

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