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Workforce Experience

Engaged employees are better for business. They are more innovative, productive, and customer-focused.

Inspire your digital workforce

Increase employee engagement and productivity. Boost innovation by making your workplace a flexible, collaborative environment that supports your digital workforce. The payoffs are lower costs and higher income. When Cisco deployed our Workforce Experience solutions in-house:

  • Of occupants reported a better sense of well-being and comfort

  • Increase in occupant capacity

  • Drop in workplace-related OpEx

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Increase worker productivity

Create workspaces that promote staff innovation and collaboration while lowering costs. (PDF - 5.4 MB)

Transform your workplace

Create human-centric workspaces

Customize lighting intensity, color, and temperature to adapt to your needs.

Build a Digital Ceiling

Empower my workers with expertise

Provide the experts and real-time knowledge to help your staff work together effectively.

Explore Collaborative Knowledge

Explore our solutions (PDF - 5.5 MB)

View the research on workforce transformation

It turns out it’s a critical step to successful business change. (57 sec)

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Make every team an 'A' team

1 in 10 companies excel in digital business agility. How can CEOs lead in the digital age?

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Focus on people, too

It takes process, technology, and workforce change to succeed in digital.

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