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Full-Stack Observability from Cisco

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It’s time to move beyond monitoring

Full-stack observability provided by Cisco® solutions moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context for your IT teams.

Transform your operations with full-stack observability

Modern application monitoring

Monitor performance of your cloud native applications that are often microservices-based, distributed, and leveraging cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds.

Hybrid application monitoring

Monitor performance of your traditional and hybrid applications that are often monolithic, hosted, and leveraging traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Customer digital experience monitoring

Gain actionable, end-to-end insights into your application experiences and their underlying dependencies and business impacts.

Application dependency monitoring

Assure the performance of your managed and un-managed (3rd party) application services and APIs, including their Internet and cloud network performance.

Cost and resource optimization

Improve and assure application performance and lower costs by taking the guesswork out of resource allocation for your workloads on-premises and in the public cloud.

Application security

Actively identify and block vulnerabilities found in your application run-times in production.

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Optimize full-stack observability value

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) services provide ongoing expertise to help you innovate faster with improved visibility and simplify operations by overcoming complexity and skills gaps.

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