Safety and Security for Schools

Confront Modern-Day Risks

Cisco safety and security solutions help enable new strategies and tactics to make communities safer.
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Protect Students, Staff, and Assets

True safety and security is more than just a camera on a building. It is about securing your networks, preventing disasters, responding to threats, and communicating across channels, sectors, and boundaries. And it's about planning and collaborating. Network security and physical security are converging. Are you ready?

  • Prepare: Adopt early warning tools and continuity and situation response plans.
  • Prevent: Safeguard employees, citizens, property, and assets.
  • Detect: Provide instant notification of security breaches and threats
  • Assess: Determine the scope of the incident and next actions.
  • Respond: Coordinate real-time communication.

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Cisco Safety and Security is a comprehensive solution that encompasses the entire continuum of safety and security, from preparation and prevention to response and recovery.


Customers and Cisco experts present real-time solutions that transform the way your students, faculty, campus, and assets are protected.

Solution Brochures

Cisco integrates multiple components to create safe and secure solutions that are comprehensive and collaborative.

Relevant Solution Products

Based on U.S. government recommendations, Cisco has aligned its security products with a five-step approach to safety and security: prepare, prevent, detect, assess, and respond.


Early warning tools, continuity, and situation response.


Safeguard employees, citizens, property, and assets.


Determine the scope of the incident and next actions.