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Solutions for the connected battlefield

Protecting everything that matters

You're on duty 24/7, and so are we.

Solving the Department of Defense's biggest challenges requires experience and innovation. It starts with the network: DoD cybersecurity strategy and mission-critical military applications are only as effective as the network that powers them. By connecting the unconnected, we can speed coordination and decision cycles--and increase readiness.

Why Cisco for the DoD

Networks for Defense

Mission-grade networks

Build a reliable and intuitive network: the foundation for every mission.

A connected battlefield

Multicloud orchestration

Simplify, secure, and transform how you work in today's multicloud world.

DoD cybersecurity strategy

DoD cybersecurity

Get data security and privacy from the enterprise to the tactical edge.

Partner in innovation

Your partner in innovation

Get ready for the future of warfare with the latest in automation, analytics, IoT, and the cloud.

Solutions built for U.S. Defense

Networking for defense

Mission-grade networks

Your missions need strong, intuitive, and trusted networks--and a platform that never rests.

DoD cybersecurity strategy

DoD cyber-resiliency

Protect your data, from the flagpole to the cockpit.

Connected battlefield

IoT and the connected battlefield

The future of warfare depends on smart, highly secure, and connected sensors and devices.

Collaboration for Defense

Collaboration for Defense

Mission-critical communications tools can connect you to the people and resources you need across the globe.

Technology for the connected battlefield

Intent-based networking in the DoD

Modern digital warfare requires highly secure, reliable technology at the battlefield edge. Read four mission stories that demonstrate the transformative power of the network.

Cisco Classified Network Services

Take advantage of industry-leading services customized to comply with your specific security requirements.

I want to…

DoD compliance

Understand compliance regulations

Learn how to meet DoD requirements with Cisco Comply-to-Connect.


See DoD Approved Product List

Learn which Cisco products are on the DoD's Approved Product List (APL).

DoD blog

Learn about DoD JELA

Get more details about the Joint Enterprise Level Agreement (JELA) between DoD and Cisco.