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Hybrid Work for Government

The hybrid work environment for government has proven technically viable. Now, the government must pivot to a more sustainable hybrid operation with security at its core. Hybrid work enables government employees to maintain productivity efficiently and safety.

The industry is quickly changing

Government organizations are pivoting their services and work environments to be more flexible and resilient.


Or fewer public sector leaders have received training in change-management and transformation leadership.

Source: McKinsey Center for Government, March 2019


Of government IT leaders recognize the growing importance of technology modernization.

Source: Center for Digital Government, 2020


Of governments around the world have taken steps aimed at longer-term resilience for individuals, such as job redeployment.

Source: McKinsey Center for Government, June 2020

Hybrid work improves your countries and communities

Cisco sits at the intersection of a leading government experience and a portfolio breadth that spans collaboration, security, networking, cloud, and applications.

Hybrid work use cases

Connected justice

Deliver a highly reliable and secure remote video and information-sharing solution for judicial services.

Agency collaboration

Bring trusted collaboration experiences for government employees with a single app.

Citizen experience

Build trust and deliver reliable, secure, and automated experiences by leveraging interactive services.

Improving collaborative outcomes

With hybrid work, governments embraced robust, secure collaborative platforms to help employees solve key challenges and achieve desired meeting outcomes regardless of their physical locations.

Delivering better experiences

Home-based contact center agents are now using advanced, intelligent tools to deliver superior and secure customer assistance and outcomes despite dramatically altered work environments.

Cisco Hybrid Work

Power an inclusive future for all.