Hybrid Work for Government

A secure hybrid work environment for government has proven indispensable to the delivery of essential community services.
Government organizations that understand the importance of embracing modern, flexible work environments are also the catalysts for
enhancing service outcomes and enabling lasting change in their agencies and communities.

The industry is quickly changing

The most successful government organizations have pivoted their services and work environments
to be more flexible and resilient to accommodate hybrid work.

as many global execs say they are focusing on productivity through technology and automation in 2022 compared to 2016.

Source: PwC, 24th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2021

of workers across the globe are in the workplace at least some of the time.

Source: People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View

see maintaining productivity as a key challenge.

Source: People at Work 2021:A Global Workforce View

Hybrid work enhances government’s impact

A comprehensive and secure government hybrid work environment enables the delivery of superior services, the retention of skilled employees, and improved mission and business outcomes. Government leaders who embrace the opportunities presented by hybrid work transformation can increase innovation, deliver infrastructure optimization and resiliency, offer more equitable access to critical services, and reimagine their communities.

Hybrid work use cases

Connected justice

Deliver a highly reliable and secure remote video and information-sharing solution for judicial services.

Agency collaboration

Enable trusted collaboration experiences for government employees no matter where their workplace is.

Citizen experience

Build trust and deliver reliable, secure, and automated experiences by leveraging interactive services.

Improving collaborative outcomes

With hybrid work, governments have embraced robust, secure collaborative platforms to help employees solve key challenges, deliver essential services, and achieve desired meeting outcomes regardless of their physical locations.

Delivering better experiences

Home-based contact center agents are now using advanced, intelligent tools to deliver superior and secure customer assistance and outcomes despite dramatically altered work environments. 

Cisco hybrid work

Between the hybrid work challenges of today and the opportunity of tomorrow, there’s a bridge.