Cisco Spaces

Drive business outcomes with data from your network

Today's access network has potential to help drive business outcomes. Cisco Spaces (formerly Cisco DNA Spaces) provides a vital link between the data available in your physical space and the insights that can help you create a workplace that is safe, smart, sustainable, and seamless.


Embrace hybrid workspaces with Cisco Spaces

Support the safety and well-being of onsite employees and customers. Get a Cisco Spaces free trial for 30 days with your Cisco Catalyst, Aironet, or Meraki access points.

Features and benefits

Every laptop, phone, camera, and IoT device that connects to your network provides data and insights that can help you achieve better outcomes by making your business safer, your building smarter, and your wireless connectivity more seamless.


Support a safe and intelligent workspace by monitoring and sharing occupancy levels in real time with staff and visitors.


Integrate multivendor devices and applications for smart, sustainable, and efficient operations.


Create moments that matter by making it easy for people to connect and engage with your brand wirelessly.

High scalability

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure and enjoy simple activation with Cisco Spaces, one of the industry's most scalable location services platforms.
  • Benefit from centralized management with the cloud-native dashboard, regardless of network size.

Smart building integration

  • Simplify the management of smart building devices by using your Cisco Catalyst 9100 access points as a unified gateway for multivendor IoT devices.
  • Enable multiple devices, apps, and use cases from the Cisco Spaces dashboard.

Cisco Spaces integrations with Cisco platforms

Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points

Support more devices and high-density environments​ with our Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access points.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches

Host Cisco Spaces on selected Catalyst 9000 switches to manage wired IoT devices and provide complete network visibility.

Cisco Meraki access points

Power new and improved experiences with Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6-certified technology

Cisco Meraki smart cameras

Gain insight into customer behavior with Cisco Meraki cameras that work with Cisco Spaces.

Redefine the IT experience with Cisco DNA software

Unlock industry-leading automation, security, artificial intelligence, and machine reasoning. Your Cisco DNA Advantage license for wireless and switching software now includes Cisco Spaces Extend.

Cisco Spaces at work across industries

Explore key use cases in education, healthcare, and more.

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