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Cisco Case Study: San Jose State University

Cisco solutions deliver always-on campus wireless for mobile and tech-savvy students

In higher education, networking technology is not only essential for teaching, collaboration, and research, but it is key to attracting and keeping the best students who expect a wireless network that "just works." With 24,000 devices connected concurrently in a given day, San Jose State University trusts Cisco to provide the flawless wireless experience its students demand.



  • SJSU wanted to deliver a powerful wireless network to drive online connecting, learning, and socializing.
  • Wireless data consumption grew 20% annually, demanding more from SJSU's network. SJSU wanted automation, visibility, and predictability across the network.
  • Bringing thousands of wireless devices online was manual, requiring three people to touch access points before deployment.
  • Even brief service interruptions impacted student productivity and perception of the service and school.


  • Migrated more than 1,000 wireless access points to Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers.
  • Seamless software updates through hot patching keeps clients and services always on.
  • From unboxing an appliance to converting the configuration, it can be operational in less than four hours.
  • With Cisco DNA Center, SJSU's IT team can compare past wireless performance to current user experience and resolve issues quickly.
  • SJSU is achieving its goal to use the Cisco-powered network as a platform for limitless access for its students.

What they're saying

Cisco wireless controllers let us bring up new APs in minutes, and Cisco DNA Center lets us zoom in on what the user experience has been in the past, compare it to the experience they're having now, and triangulate.

- Shai Silberman, Director of Network Services, San Jose State University

Who is San Jose State University?

Industry: Higher Education
Location: San Jose, CA
Size: 32,000 students
Website: sjsu.edu