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MWC 2019 Barcelona Update

Between building a network and unlocking its promise
bridge  there's a bridge


Cisco News @Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Sunday, February 24, 8 AM CET

Cisco at MWC Barcelona: Showcasing Innovation Across Its Portfolio to Support Billions of Networked Connections
Show overview of new product launches and demos to support service provider and enterprise customers across 5G, Automation, Cloud, IoT, Wi-Fi 6, and Security.

Cisco and Google Station Team to Connect the Unconnected
Cisco is working with Google Station on a mission to include one billion people in the growth opportunities of the digital economy. The program will provide communities with limited connectivity around the world sustainable public Wi-Fi that is easily accessible, secure, fast, and reliable.

Cisco Breaks the Record Books: Powering Rakuten’s First-of-its-Kind Cloud Native Mobile Network
Cisco providing technology from its Cloud, IT and Service Provider businesses, as well as engineering, system integration (CX) and operations expertise to support Rakuten’s network from scratch buildout in under eight months.

Sprint Strengthens Its IP Mobile Network for 5G With Cisco
Sprint will launch mobile 5G service in nine cities in the first half of 2019 powered by new Cisco NCS routing technology (managing backhaul network traffic).

Cisco and SoftBank Achieve Networking Milestones for Speed and Agility in Prep for 5G
Cisco helping SoftBank prep for 5G, building a future network architecture with Cisco Segment Routing IPv6 (SRv6) technology to improve network reliability, flexibility and agility and reduce costs. (First SP to launch SRv6 deployment)

KT Preps for Commercial 5G Service Launch Powered by Cisco
Cisco helping KT transition its network architecture to better manage upcoming 5G traffic with advanced routing and automation software, intelligent analytics and machine learning. (Marking the world’s first rollout of Remote Control User Plan Separation (CUPS), Cisco 5G routing backbone, ACI on Nexus 9K switching platform).

Cisco and Airtel Extend Mobile Access to Rural Communities in India in Prep for 5G
Cisco working with Airtel to build 5G-ready, fully automated IP network to provide mobile access to rural communities across the country and enhance its services to SMBs and enterprises in urban and rural communities. Services include Smart Cities, IoT, Utilities, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Retail. (Cisco segment routing, traffic engineering and ethernet VPN).

Learn how Rakuten Mobile Network Inc.is virtualizing its entire network to offer consumer mobile, NB-IoT, fixed wireless, connected everything and more.

Cisco and IDC surveyed 400 service providers around the globe about their digital transformation adoption. Take this FREE assessment to find out how you compare with your peers.

Live updates:

Building Blocks of 5G Profitability

Create new revenue through premium self-services

Empower new business with on-demand access of premium network services. Cisco’s new Unified Domain Center establishes a clear path for monetizing 5G.

It breaks down the barriers across enterprise, cloud and connectivity service provider (CSP) networks to enable business customers to seamlessly manage policies, security, and services - increasing speed to market and customer satisfaction.

Monetizing improved subscriber experiences through the cloud

Expand business reach and agility with full featured cloud native 5G/4G Packet Core which migrates control to the cloud

Cisco Ultra Cloud Core with CUPS is the industry leading full-featured (in-line services) packet core platform that seamlessly and securely unifies 3G/4G/5G/IoT/WiFi connected services.

The resulting agility, reach, responsiveness empowers network slicing to improve subscriber experiences,  expand revenue opportunities, and optimize capex.

Increase speed to revenue through multi-vendor orchestration

Cisco NSO’s proven to deliver high-quality services faster and more easily with open API orchestration across your entire network.

Now, with the introduction of NSO 5, you can accelerate revenue-generating services with automated, self-service, and on-demand provisioning in even the largest multi-vendor networks at over 100K+ devices and beyond.

Reduce Opex with automation

Customer demands are complicated, but Cisco’s closed loop automation simplifies – speeding up both awareness and action.

  • Cisco Crosswork SON (Self Organizing Network) uses machine learning to react faster to network issues, predicting potential issues based on gathered (and ingested) data.
  • Cisco Crosswork Network Insights – Cisco’s first SaaS offering, is a cloud-based service providing a rich analysis of Routing and Network Data to significantly reduce the MTTR of networking issues – reducing costs and improve the subscriber experience.

Power Up Your Network

Deploying mass scale IP networks with the most advanced routing portfolio.

Powering extraordinary and personalized experiences at mass scale

Benefit from simplification at scale, multi-dimensional programmability, built-in trust and flexible consumption enabling you to build a network that fits your business needs.

NCS 5500 Series

Now 400G-ready with dense integrated 400GE/200GE/100GE line cards for mass scale networking. This 3rd generation of line cards offers customers strong investment protection and a path towards 400G networking.

NCS 500 Series

New variants of NCS 540 and a new NCS 560 chassis (4RU) to better support customers building their 5G networks.

ASR 9000 Series

Modular, high density, power efficient, and secure platform. Engineered for new architectures. 400G ready.

IOS XR: Quality Infused, Solution Driven

  • Simplified transport with Segment Routing
  • EVPN for unified service delivery, Cloud-native BNG
  • Easy to use – NSO, Yang Development Kit, Yang suite
  • Flexible packaging – all inclusive, fixed models, pick-your-own packaging
  • Optimized install – optional server-like install using Yang models
  • Advanced telemetry – visibility to enable analytics and machine learning
  • APIs at levels – creativity and flexibility through model-driven programmability
  • Programmability tools – simplified service lifecycle with Cisco NSO
  • Quality – XR Dev, Cisco Automation Factory, and Compass Design validation
  • Extendable third-party software to complement the IOS XR foundation
  • Trusted hardware – anti-counterfeit and Trust Anchor architecture
  • Trust in the network OS – image signing and secure boot infrastructure
  • Trust at runtime – runtime defense, encrypted transport, DDoS protection
  • Trust visibility with cloud attestation

Monetize with network delivered 5G services now

Delivering cloud-provider agility, flexibility and control along with high-speed ubiquitous access to open up revenue opportunities now.

Go 5G Now!

Accelerate your network opportunity

With expertise, innovation and service excellence from Cisco Customer Experience, service providers can monetize their networks faster, save money through faster time to innovation, and de-risk network transformation with proven methodologies and experts they can trust.


Changing the Mobile World

Connected Car

As vehicles become connected ‘data-centers on wheels,’ Auto OEMs want to partner with SPs who will provide networks that deliver: consistent latency, any access, roaming, security, performance, identity, and endpoint management.

Smart+Connected Communities

With Cisco’s comprehensive network solutions and IoT cloud platforms for Smart Cities, SPs can provide managed services that address City challenges: economic sustainability, citizen services, and city infrastructure.

Beyond the City

5G RuralFirst is a co-innovation project led by Cisco which is demonstrating new approaches for 5G connectivity that is accessible and affordable in rural areas. Use cases include rural 5G wireless services, 5G fixed wireless, autonomous tractors, connected cows, and more.

Bridge to Possible

Between hope and possible there’s a bridge. See how Cisco technology is changing the world.

Cisco and Google Station

We will showcase how Cisco technology is used to power Google Station, a Google product that enables service providers, venues, and governments to provide free, fast, and reliable public Wi-Fi supported by Google’s ads-based monetization platform. Cisco offers wireless network solutions, implementation services, and special financing packages for Google Station and Cisco partners.

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