Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) Solution

Delivering 4K Video Experience

SFR France launches a state-of-the-art 4K VoD subscription service leveraging Cisco cBR-8. (3:28 min)

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Deliver More Services, Spend Less, and Increase Agility

Depending on your existing network architecture, network, and service plans, Cisco has a solution ideally suited for you.

Multigigabit Converged Services Platform

Cisco’s cBR-8 Converged Broadband Router is the industry's first Evolved CCAP that helps cable operators to compete in billboard data rates. Its multigigabit broadband services can offer revenue-generating Internet-of-Everything (IoE) services to subscribers at a lower TCO over the next five years.

Multigigabit Converged Services Platform

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Built to Last Through the Next Decade's Transitions

The cBR-8 is the first integrated CCAP product designed for DOCSIS 3.1. Our full-spectrum platform can converge: all services, including DOCSIS data services and MPEG video services, into a single chassis.

This all-service convergence functionality can reduce on-going OpEx for rack space and power at the service provider's headend, and meet the service group growth demand.

The cBR-8 is also designed to support distributed CCAP architecture (DCA) with Cisco Remote PHY technology. This can help cable providers increase service revenues with an increased number of service groups and more bits per Hertz for the network. It can also reduce OpEx by supporting one access network for both residential and business services.

Key Benefits

  • Transform the network and business into a more agile architecture for future cable innovation
  • Increase subscriber value with a resilient and highly secure platform
  • Significantly reduce TCO with a high-performance platform

Featured Product

Cisco cBR-8 Converged Broadband Router

  • Over 6000 DOSCIS 3.0 downstream channels
  • 1.6 Tbps scalability
  • 54 – 64 service groups with all services (40 percent higher service group density)

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Get an Industry-Leading Gigabit Services Converged Cable Access Solution for Cable Providers

Cisco modular CCAP solution includes the field-proven uBR10012 cable modem termination system (CMTS) and high-density RF Gateway 10 universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation (UEQAM).

Benefits of Modular CCAP

  • Take full advantage of your existing investment on CMTS and deliver Gigabit services.
  • Converge your video edge QAM into universal QAM. You can reduce OpEx by up to 40 percent with rack space and powering savings.
  • Simplify your wiring and management.

Featured Products

Cisco uBR 10012 Universal Broadband Router

RF Gateway 10 Universal Edge QAM

  • Supports DOCSIS and video convergence
  • Includes the DS 384 Universal Edge QAM Line Card
  • Its high-density platform supports over 1024 QAMs per line card
  • QAM sharing and service convergence reduce rack space and power consumption

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Distributed CCAP Architecture with Remote PHY

Both the Cisco uBR10012 CMTS and Cisco cBR-8 CCAP are designed to support distributed CCAP architecture (DCA) with Remote PHY. This functionality helps cable providers to increase service revenues through an increase in the number of service groups and more bits per Hertz for the network. You can also reduce OpEx with one access network for both residential and business services.

DCA with Remote PHY is an architectural strategy that removes the PHY element from a product and places that PHY element in a separate access point that is interconnected with an IP network. Even simple metro Ethernet networks and Ethernet passive optical networks (EPONs) qualify because they use IP packets.

Remote PHY infers centralized software. The intelligence and complexity are contained in a central location that has more room and is more serviceable. The least amount of complexity is placed remotely.

Benefits of Distributed CCAP Architecture with CCAP and Remote PHY

  • Use your CCAP architecture and increase your network scalability
  • Support digital fiber deployment for deep fiber architecture
  • Reduce OpEx by centralizing software, intelligence, and complexity in a central location

The remote PHY solution extends scalability beyond the CCAP chassis. More importantly, it extends Ethernet deep into the node and provides a path to virtualization. It also increases service-group density and helps cable providers to implement a fiber-deep architecture while migrating to an all-IP infrastructure.

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Featured Products

Cisco Broadband Processing Engine, a Remote PHY line card for uBR10012

  • High-capacity, DOCSIS 3.0-capable and C-DOCSIS/Remote-PHY-compliant line card for the Cisco uBR10012
  • Both upstreams and downstream physical (PHY) functions are distributed and located remotely at the node
  • Increases service group density and extends Ethernet deep into the network
  • Supports 72 DOCSIS downstream and 60 upstream channels per card
  • Scales up to 576 modular DOCSIS downstream channels and 480 upstream channels in a single uBR10012 chassis

Cisco Coaxial Media Converter for Remote-PHY

  • Deploys DOCSIS over digital fiber to help enable fiber-deep architecture
  • Supports Ethernet-based networks to bring the IP network edge to the neighborhood
  • DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS Remote PHY standard-compliant