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Application Hosting

Make your network OS fit with existing tool chains

Automate workflows and the configuration and operation of your networking devices. Gain a platform to use your own tools and utilities.

Application hosting supports third-party off-the-shelf applications built using Linux tool chains. You can run custom applications cross-compiled with the software development kit that we provide.

Application hosting is offered in two variants: native and container. An application hosted on a network device can serve a variety of purposes. This ranges from automation, configuration management monitoring, and integration with existing tool chains.

When network devices are managed by configuration management applications, such as Chef and Puppet, your network administrators are freed from focusing only on the command-line interface (CLI). Because of the abstraction provided by the application, while the application does its job, your administrators can now focus on the design and other higher-level tasks.

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Get a quick technical introduction to application hosting.

Get further insight into application hosting.

Discover what Application Hosting is about in the below short video.

Intermediate content

Eager to start using application hosting in your network? Read our configuration guide.

See Application Hosting in action. Watch a demo.

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Get your hands dirty. Access the lab on dCloud.

Fast-track your learning by reading our application hosting tutorials: