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What is IPv6?

Internet Protocol (IP) defines how computers communicate over a network. IPv4 contains just over 4 billion unique IP addresses, which were completely allocated to specific geographic regions on February 3, 2011. As the Internet transitions, organizations must adopt IPv6 to support future business continuity, growth, and global expansion.

Why Does IPv6 Matter to You?

The need for business continuity and innovation are central to IPv6. Learn how you can preserve existing investments, prepare for IPv6, and prosper in the new world.

If we don't overcome the challenges of IPv4 we will slow down the growth of the Internet and lose momentum as an industry. IPv6 is important to all of us, to everyone around the world. It is crucial to our ability to tie together everyone and every device.

- John Chambers,

President and CEO of Cisco Systems


Why is Cisco Your Best Choice?

As a pioneer of IPv6 technology since 1996, and a trusted business and technology partner, Cisco is an established leader in your journey towards IPv6 planning and migration.



How Do You Get Started?

Essential technology, proven services, certified training, and certified software and hardware combine to create your personalized IPv6 migration plan.



Learn more about IPv6 and the World IPv6 Launch.

Custom IPv6 Approaches

Maximize the value of your existing investments and prepare for the next wave of Internet growth.

Current IPv6 Technical Resources

Get the latest insights to design, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot IPv6.