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Justice and Corrections

Connect Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections

The primary objective of justice and corrections organizations is to keep citizens, communities, and public spaces safe. Additionally, organizational needs demand faster response, improved operational efficiency, and reduced costs.

While caseloads and inmate populations are growing, expectations are rising. Demands are increasing for critical communications across a growing spectrum of voice, data, and video.

In this situation, every second counts. Every process has to be more efficient. Every investment has to make personnel more productive. Cisco's vision for the Internet of Things (IoT) provides the platform to help support this mission.

Law Enforcement:

Integrate remote video and real-time collaboration to control evidence, speed response time, and reduce crime and control costs. With Cisco Digital Justice, you can provide:

  • E-warrants: Provide immediate access to courts from precinct or squad car
  • Video arraignment: Reduce costs and safety issues of detainee transport
  • Remote interpretation: Allow safety personnel to conduct field interviews without delays, no matter the language


Simplify court processes by improving collaboration to increase the pace of justice, reach beyond courthouse walls and control costs. With Cisco Digital Justice, you can provide:

  • Remote adjudication: Speed court services while it improves citizen access and satisfaction
  • Remote testimony: Make more effective use of resources and experts and improves public safety by reducing the need to transfer inmates
  • Remote interpretation: Allow use of a central pool of interpreters, eliminating travel costs, improving access to specialized languages, and eliminating delays


Provide more efficient services to inmate populations and enable correctional institutions to improve staff and prisoner safety, address overcrowding, and improve inmate management. With Cisco Digital Justice, you can provide

  • Telehealth: Provide remote access to practitioners, specialists, and emergency evaluations without requiring inmate transfer
  • Remote interpretation: Facilitate faster response to medical, legal, or inmate management with immediate access to interpreter services
  • Remote arraignment/appearance Provide: instant access to court and counsel without transport security concerns

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