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Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour

End-to-end Bonjour solution at scale

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is simplifying enterprise networks and making them more intuitive. The new Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour is a software-defined, controller-based solution that enables Bonjour services discovery and advertisement at scale for enterprise networks, schools, and universities. 

Features and benefits

Centralized management​

This controller-based solution provides highly scalable, centralized IT administration with simplified management.

End-to-end Bonjour

Enable Bonjour Services discovery across LAN-WAN boundaries and across multiple domains.

Highly secure, access controlled

Get access-controlled Bonjour services discovery and query processing.

Wired and wireless services

Seamlessly deploy wired and wireless Bonjour services for thousands of endpoints.

Supported hardware


Simplify and help secure digital networks: data center, core, and edge. Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour is supported on several of our switches, including the Catalyst 9000 family.


Cisco ISR routers provide access to applications, services, and integrated technologies.


Optimize, personalize, and help secure your wireless network.

Network services help teachers and students

With Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour, now our teachers can share learning with the students in an efficient and dependable manner.

Joe McBreen, CTO for St. Vrain Valley School District

Bonjour is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.