Operational Insights

Command center for operations

Need to gain true visibility into your connected operations? With Operational Insights, you can define and manage assets, key performance indicators for operations, and work flows using business rules that you create. Drive operational efficiency and excellence with continual monitoring based on your business rules.

Features and benefits

Centralized visibility

Centralized visibility

Add business context to assets, sensors, and work flows. Detect their location and sensor telemetry across your organization.

Deeper analytic insights

Deeper insights

Create insightful reports on business performance metrics, alerts, compliance, and more.

Automated business work flows

Automated work flows

Create intelligent rules that support your business work flows. Trigger actions based on those rules, location, and environmental state.​​

 Technology agnostic

Technology agnostic

Standardize operations whether you use Wi-Fi or BLE tags, mobile devices, or third-party tags.

Use Operational Insights to...

  • Identify and classify assets
  • Connect environmental sensors to add context to your operations
  • Generate business rules that govern the work flows of assets and sensors
  • Trigger automatic alerts when sensors or tags detect an out-of-standard condition
  • Access historical reports that let you analyze key operational events
  • Integrate third-party industry and analytics capabilities for an end-to-end solution

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