Unified Management

Agility Through Automation

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Data Center and Cloud Management

Cisco Unified Management solutions help organizations to automate and manage their IT infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the business. Cisco data center and cloud management software provides the flexibility and agility needed for IT to deliver services faster, more efficiently, and with lower total cost of ownership.

Data Center and Cloud Management

Cisco Unified Management is optimized for the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus architectures as well as heterogeneous data center and cloud environments, across both physical and virtual resources. Unified Management solutions include:

Enhance Speed, Efficiency, and Innovation

  • Self-service portal and service catalog for on-demand provisioning of IT resources
  • Automation and orchestration of IT processes, with integration into existing IT systems management tools
  • Resource management that delivers performance isolation and efficient use of hardware infrastructure pools
  • Workload automation to deliver efficient batch and event-driven enterprise business processes
  • Lifecycle management from request to retirement to ensure optimization of resources
  • Policy-based management for improved governance and control

In addition, Cisco Unified Management offers:

  • Management of both virtual and physical resources for bare-metal and multiple hypervisor environments
  • Automated network provisioning, to simplify the deployment of network services in a virtual data center
  • Orchestration of complex operational processes for SAP and other enterprise applications
  • Scheduling and automation for big data and business intelligence workloads

Cisco Unified Management is a critical component of the Cisco Unified Data Center platform. It provides a portfolio of management software solutions to complement Cisco networking and computing systems.

Increase Agility and Reduce Complexity

By promoting server consolidation and process automation, Unified Management solutions deliver greater agility and scale for the data center, while reducing complexity and risk. Cisco solutions support role- and policy-based management using service profiles and templates to simplify operations. In addition, these solutions help enable self-service provisioning for faster, more efficient IT processes.

Improve Visibility and Control

Cisco management software is optimized for Cisco architectures, but it is designed to work in a heterogeneous IT environment. Integration with industry-leading systems management and storage partners helps Cisco management solutions provide greater system visibility and preserve our customers' investment in existing:

  • Infrastructure systems
  • Management tools
  • IT processes

Reduce IT Complexity

With exceptional functionality and an ecosystem-friendly approach, Unified Management solutions can reduce day-to-day operational complexity and increase resource readiness in support of more strategic business initiatives. Model-focused and policy-based automation offers:

  • A shorter time-to-value of applications and the infrastructure supporting them
  • Efficient resource pooling eliminates overprovisioning while increasing asset utilization

Support Your Journey to Cloud

Cisco enterprise-class networking, computing, and management solutions accelerate your journey to private cloud, platform-as-a-service, and automated business service delivery, such as collaboration and telephony. With this unique approach, Cisco provides:

  • Unified management across physical and virtual resources
  • Comprehensive management of private, public, and hybrid cloud environments

Cisco Unified Management software solutions simplify management and automation in data center infrastructures, applications, and cloud computing architectures.

Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) Management

Manage all Cisco UCS infrastructure components and configurations through an extensible, global, unified architecture that is policy focused. Products include:

Infrastructure Management and Automation

Unify management for computing, network, storage, and virtualization infrastructures, with support for integrated infrastructure systems built on Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus technologies. Products include:

Cloud Management and Orchestration

Deploy IT as a service (ITaaS) with our modern self-service portal and service catalog, combined with industry-leading orchestration and cloud accelerators. Products include:

Data Center and Virtual Network Management

Simplify the deployment of network services in a virtual data center and centralize network management with dynamic fabric provisioning. Products include:

Enterprise Workload Automation

Lower the cost of data by automating complex job streams across the enterprise, including big data and business intelligence workloads. Solutions include:

SAP IT Process Automation

Standardize, unify, and automate best practices for IT processes in complex, heterogeneous SAP environments. Products include:

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