Unified Management

Agility Through Automation

See how to automate application design and delivery within minutes.

Respond to new business opportunities more quickly with Cisco data center and cloud management solutions. They help your business deliver new applications and services with greater speed, agility, and efficiency, giving you a faster return on your investment.

Speed, Efficiency, and Innovation

Cisco data center and cloud management solutions are optimized for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and Cisco Nexus architectures, and for heterogeneous data center and cloud environments. These solutions offer:

  • A self-service portal and catalog for on-demand provisioning of IT, applications, and business services
  • Built-in tools to craft application stacks into repeatable services, accelerating time-to-revenue for new applications
  • Unified management of computing, network, storage, and virtualization components to deliver infrastructure within minutes 

They also help you:

  • Optimize resource performance and capacity planning across converged infrastructure, physical, and virtual components to help ensure service levels to customers
  • Logically isolate virtual application workloads at the virtual layer with single workflow automation

Cisco data center and cloud solutions provide efficiency, speed, and automation on a policy-based infrastructure.  They help you decrease time to provision, better meet service level agreements and grow your bottom line.

Cloud Management

Cisco delivers a choice of consumption models that include:

  • Build and Manage Your Own cloud
  • Hosted on-premise Cloud using OpenStack
  • Intercloud Services to increase your on-premise capacity

Cisco cloud solutions support any application, on any cloud, using any consumption model, with security and data sovereignty.

With Cisco data center and cloud solutions, your business can respond quickly and responsively to new business opportunities.

Private and Hybrid Cloud Management

These on-premise private cloud solutions tailored to your consumption model prerequisites. Solutions include an all-inclusive, hybrid-ready private cloud or a managed private cloud solution built on OpenStack. Products include:

Infrastructure Management and Automation

Get single workflow automation across computing, network, storage, and virtualization layers, and performance monitoring tools for infrastructures based on Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus technologies. Products include:

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Management

Manage all Cisco UCS infrastructure components through a policy-based architecture. Products include:

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