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Cisco IT: Superdome Out, UCS In
UCS enables growth, continuity with lower TCO for SAP and Oracle. (PDF - 538 KB)

Automate Deployment and Management

According to Forrester Consulting more than 70 percent of your IT budget is spent simply to maintain and manage existing infrastructure. As enterprise computing systems increase in scale, they also increase in complexity. And as complexity increases, so does the expense of deployment and ongoing management.

Moving to Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is straightforward and easy. Automation with Cisco UCS provides:

  • Accelerated deployment and provisioning
  • Easy movement of applications from existing, older platforms to Cisco UCS
  • Reduced opportunity cost (faster time to production and business benefit delivery)
  • Better use of capital resources

Automated configuration with UCS can change your IT organization from reactive to proactive. It gives subject matter experts the time they need to focus on strategic initiatives rather than the details of individual server configurations. The result is more time for innovation, less time spent on maintenance, and faster response to changing business conditions.

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