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Cisco and industry-leading partners deliver services that accelerate your transition to a more efficient data center.

The Cisco Unified Computing System delivers the next step in the Data Center Business Advantage vision. It unifies network, compute, storage access, and virtualization resources in a cohesive system to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Increase business agility
  • Improve productivity

The data center is in the midst of a major transformation. Customers are realizing many benefits of virtualization today, including lower facilities and power and cooling costs, better server utilization, higher service levels, and faster deployment of applications.

However, virtualization reveals a more critical problem: the complexity of managing exponentially increasing numbers of disconnected physical and virtual compute, storage, and network resources.

In delivering the industry's first unified computing platform, Cisco and its industry-leading partners allow IT to deliver on the promise of data center virtualization -- with enhanced data center architectures that will be increasingly more manageable, reliable, flexible, and scalable than anything we have today.

Innovation Based on Industry Standards

The Cisco Unified Computing System continues Cisco's long history of innovation in delivering integrated systems that deliver business results through IT innovation -- IP telephony, LAN switching, Unified Communications -- based on industry standards and using the network as the platform.


Cisco is advancing the industry by taking a systems approach that unifies network intelligence and scalability.


Today Cisco is advancing the industry by taking a systems approach to computing that unifies network intelligence and scalability with innovative ASICs, integrated software, and standard compute components.

Streamlined Architecture for High Performance

The Cisco Unified Computing System uses a simplified architecture for the virtualized data center that unifies servers, storage access, networks, and virtualization technologies to drive the value of data center infrastructure to an entirely new level.

With a unique systems approach to architecture, technology, partnerships, and services, Cisco's Unified Computing System streamlines data center resources, scales service delivery, and radically reduces the number of devices requiring setup, management, power and cooling, and cabling.

Learn how Cisco Services can help accelerate your journey to a new architecture that allows you to increase asset utilization, business agility and operational efficiency across your data center.