Programmable Fabric

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Dramatically Simplify Fabric Build

Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager automates fabric lifecycle configuration and management. (3:12 min)

Simplify Fabric Build and Management

Choose and implement a software-defined networking (SDN) solution that best meets your IT goals and strategies. Our data center SDN strategy offers three distinct approaches:

  1. Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is an industry-leading comprehensive SDN solution to automate, configure, and manage data center fabrics and services
  2. Programmable Fabric provides solutions to automate and simplify fabric configuration and management
  3. Programmable Network uses open programmable APIs to configure data center switches and integrate with DevOps automation tools

What Is Programmable Fabric

Significantly increase IT agility and responsiveness. With our Programmable Fabric, you can automate and dramatically simplify underlay and overlay fabric bring-up, configuration, and management.

Programmable Fabric solutions are designed to scale across small enterprise deployments to large service provider infrastructure. The solutions take advantage of standards-based Border Gateway Protocol Ethernet VPN (BGP-EVPN) as their underlying control plane to optimize traffic flow and scale-out virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) fabrics.

Cisco Programmable Fabric Solutions

  • Cisco Nexus Fabric Manager
    • Automate underlay and overlay provisioning and management through a highly intuitive and simple-to-use point-and-click web interface. Using automated workflows, Nexus Fabric Manager eliminates the need for complex command-line interface (CLI) or scripting to provision and manage data center fabrics.
    • Nexus Fabric Manager is ideal for deployments using Nexus 9000 Series switches in standalone Cisco NX-OS mode.
  • Cisco Data Center Network Manager 10.0
    • Automate configuration and management of data center infrastructure and fabrics. Data Center Network Manager lets you scale management and provides VXLAN visibility across thousands of devices.
    • Cisco Data Center Network Manager is ideal for both enterprise and service providers that require customized deployments, or with large Nexus 2000 – 9000 switching infrastructures.
  • Virtual Topology System
    • Automate overlay fabric provisioning and management tasks through integration with cloud orchestration systems such as OpenStack and VMware vCenter.
    • Virtual Topology System is designed for service providers and large-scale enterprise multitenant deployments. It is supported across Cisco Nexus 5000, 6000, 7000, and 9000 Series Switches.
Simplify Multitenancy Provisioning

Simplify Multitenancy Provisioning

Cisco Virtual Topology System automates provisioning in large multitenancy deployments.

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