Data Center and Cloud Partner Announcements

2018 Q4 Announcements
06/23/2018 Drive profitability with the VIP 31 Year-end Accelerator
We’re providing you with a powerful close to VIP 31. Earn more on select VIP eligible products through VIP 31 Year-End Accelerator. The accelerator is applicable only on bookings placed in between June 23, 2018 to July 27, 2018. Learn More
06/07/2018 New FlexPod solutions simplify the delivery of cloud infrastructure
FlexPod is a pre-validated data center platform built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco Nexus family of switches, and NetApp® data management solutions. The FlexPod architecture can scale up or out. Plus, it can be optimized for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. Learn More
05/31/2018 DC Compute UCS
Cisco has added a new high density computing platform to the UCS portfolio. The Cisco UCS C4200 Rack Server Chassis is a 2U 4 node density-optimized shared infrastructure solution that expands the capabilities of the UCS Server line to enable Cisco Partners to address the growing $2.4B multi-node server TAM. Learn More
2018 Q3 Announcements
04/17/2018 Cisco One for Nexus 9K
New software subscription offers for Cisco Nexus® 9000 Series: Cisco ONE™ Essentials for Data Center Networking subscription and Cisco ONE Advantage for Data Center Networking subscription.Learn More
04/10/2018 Cisco Announces Tetration 3.0 – Tetration-SaaS
Tetration 3.0 enable partners to generate managed services revenue with partner branding, pay-as-you-grow licensing, and low start-up cost. It also provides installation services revenue for SaaS/software setup, appliance install, or sensor deployments. Learn More
02/26/2018 Empower SAN customers with Cisco MDS 32G fabric switches
Cisco MDS 32G Fibre Channel fabric switches with innovations like built-in telemetry, NVMe readiness, highest buffer credits and Cisco’s award winning NX-OS software features are now available as Smartplay expansion bundles at up to 73% off GPL. Learn more about MDS 32G Fabric switch
02/23/2018 New IDC Resources for Intent Based Data Center
We collaborated with IDC to provide training and customer facing materials that demonstrate how Intent Based Data Center adds value to your customers’ business. Resources include videos with a Buyer Conversation Guide, slides, and presentation materials. View Resources
2018 Q2 Announcements
01/31/2018 Introducing Cisco Network Assurance Engine
Cisco Network Assurance Engine delivers the third pillar for intent-based networking - Intent Assurance. Please check out our launch page for all the content including our launch webcast to learn more about this exciting Cisco innovation. Learn More
01/25/2018 Cisco HyperFlex Multicloud Platform: Ready for Anything
An adaptive platform to develop and power any application anywhere with the simplicity of hyperconvergence. Learn More
2018 Q1 Announcements
10/25/2017 A SmartPlay Select Cover letter and Executive Summary has been updated to include M5 on Cisco Blade and Rack Servers and can be found in the Partner Proposal Library. Download the templates to leverage SmartPlays in your proposals.
10/25/2017 Cisco Data Center for the Multicloud Domain
Customers today need new data centers to develop and deploy the apps that run their business. This is a selling opportunity. By helping customers through the five-step journey to a multicloud Cisco Data Center, you can monetize with Cisco products that meet their needs. You’ll demonstrate value with a logical approach to modernizing infrastructure and generate revenue that grows your business. Learn How
09/25/2017 Hx Tools Update: Introducing HxBench!
HxBench is a generic benchmarking tool that simplifies performance benchmarking for virtualized environments. HxBench is built around industry standard vdbench benchmarking tool. Once deployed, can run benchmarks on any virtualized storage solution, not Hyperflex specific. Please give it a try and send us your feedback. Download today an review the documentation in the "Getting Started" section.
09/21/2017 Announcing Cisco Intersight and the New ACI Anywhere.
We are excited to announce Cisco Intersight, a management, orchestration, and operational analytics platform for Cisco UCS and HyperFlex. Intersight marks the start of a bold, multi-year strategic program to transform computing systems management. Join the launch broadcast on September 26 to learn about Intersight and the new ACI Anywhere.
09/13/2017 Turbocharge UCS Sales is a Partner Sales Play designed to sell UCS M5, and take out server competitors. The key to this Play is leveraging Analytics software (WOM) to self-discover a customer’s VM workload environment, and to make recommended UCS expansion/refresh to M5 and in the process phase out competitive legacy servers. Get Details
09/06/2017 Cisco Nexus 9000 Series NX-OS release notes 7.0(3)I7(1)
This document describes the features, caveats, and limitations of Cisco NX-OS Release 7.0(3)I7(1) software for use on the following switches: Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, Cisco Nexus 31128PQ, Cisco Nexus 3164Q, Cisco Nexus 3232C, Cisco Nexus 3264Q. Learn More
09/05/2017 Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) M5 Servers Poster
The Cisco UCS Product Family M5 Poster depicts how Cisco UCS integrates computing, networking, and storage access into a single cohesive system using Cisco fabric extender technology and Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects, all managed by the embedded Cisco UCS Manager or the new Project Starship. This two-sided poster also features a quick reference to all Cisco UCS component specifications. Order Today
08/01/2017 More Tools to Sell Cloud Faster with Improved Cisco Hybrid Cloud Sales Play
Cisco has developed more capabilities to strengthen your selling efforts. There is a lot to be excited about, as the Cisco Hybrid Cloud Sales Play has been enhanced to reflect program and portfolio updates. Let’s Get Started!!
2017 Q4 Announcements
07/11/2017 Cisco UCS M5 servers. SmartPlay offers. Endless opportunities.
Cisco announces their new M5 generation of Servers. These servers feature the newest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and they make it possible for you to usher in the next wave of unified computing. Learn More
06/19/2017 Analyze, Simplify, Automate, and Protect (ASAP) Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Architecture
Customers want digital transformation. You want to capitalize. Accomplish both with the Cisco ASAP architecture and five-step customer journey you can monetize with Cisco products. Learn More
06/07/2017 Announcing UCS and HyperFlex Partner Seller Rewards in Americas – June, July 2017
As part of Cisco’s year end UCS and HyperFlex sales campaign, we are announcing two Partner Seller Rewards designed to encourage partner seller, including Account Manager and System/sales engineer, to promote UCS dense storage, HyperFlex and the latest Intel Skylake-based servers. Learn More
06/05/2017 Starting Q4, FY17, Account Breakaway – Nexus is enabled with “Nexus Reactivate” offer. Download the NAB How-To-Guide
06/03/2017 APM Business Opportunity
See how AppDynamics continues to be a leader in application performance monitoring. Get Gartner Brief
06/01/2017 Sell Cloud Connected VersaStack
Best-in-class converged infrastructure, now cloud connected. Learn More
05/30/2017 Telemetry That's Faster Than Fast
Tetration Analytics offers a real-time, always-on, massively scalable analytics platform. See How
05/30/2017 Announcing - The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Sales Play for Sellers and Partners
The Cisco Hybrid Cloud Sales Play helps you talk to your customers about data center challenges and position a solution with real business justification. See how this 5pt play can help you close business faster, increase client satisfaction, and prepare your customer and partner for future play expansion- Hybrid Cloud Sales Play Now Available!!! Get Started Today
05/25/2017 Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Learn how Cisco HyperFlex delivers three times the performance of first-generation industry solutions. Watch Here
05/19/2017 Managing Cisco UCS with Alexa
Use Amazon Echo’s Alexa Skills Kit with Cisco UCS PowerTool. Manage UCS with voice. Watch Video
05/18/2017 See the latest information on positioning and the driving forces behind Microsoft bringing Azure Stack to market. Watch Video
05/05/2017 Introducing Cisco HyperFlex Edge
We are excited to announce Cisco HyperFlex Edge to extend Cisco hyperconvergence to remote and branch-office operations. The Edge solution is currently orderable through Cisco Configure to Order - CTO (HX220C-M4S) and with two new SmartPlay HyperFlex bundles (HX-SP-M220M4-EDGE1 and HX-SP-M220M4-EDGE2). Learn more about Edge by visiting the Partner Launch Hub.
05/04/2017 What's New? The Latest SmartPlay Program Guides
Close FY17 strong by leveraging some of the recent updates to various Cisco UCS and HyperFlex SmartPlay offers (Flash HX offers, new ROBO SKUs, 40G FI SKUs, HX and CloudCenter bundles and the new Rack Pak Bundle, to name a few). Download the Program Guides today.
2017 Q3 Announcements
03/27/2017 Cisco's Acquistion of AppDynamics
Cisco’s acquisition of AppDynamics will allow partners to address the needs of more customers for application performance management across the applications, infrastructure, and security domains in their network. Get all the details here.
03/22/2017 More Apps, More Simplicity: The New HyperFlex
We're announcing new capabilities for our HyperFlex Systems portfolio. It now offers improved security with data-at-rest encryption, enhanced performance using all-flash with nonvolatile memory express (NVMe), and improved resilience with native replication. Learn More
2017 Q2 Announcements
01/17/2017 Introducing a New Data and Analytics Training Portfolio and Major Updates to the Data Center Certification
To support the skills needed for world-class digital business transformation, we developed a new data and analytics training portfolio and made significant updates to our data center certification track. The new data and analytics offerings focus on integrated data management and virtualization. You gain the in-demand skills needed to connect data, processes, and experiences and make better business decisions. The revised data center certifications are designed to make sure that practitioners are qualified for key roles in sophisticated data center environments. View Press Release
11/07/2016 Data Unstored: Powering Insights with Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Servers Webinar
Recently announced at Partner Summit, learn how to harness the new Cisco UCS S-Series to tackle data-intensive workloads with a modular approach that delivers the rapid scalability of cloud with the economics and security of on-premises infrastructure.
11/01/2016 Introducing Cisco UCS S-Series
Cisco's UCS-S Series is purpose built for your customer's data intensive workloads, integrates into Cisco's portfolio and is fueled through partners. Enable your customers to activate, analyze and act on data in real time and digitally transform their business. Start Selling Today
10/31/2016 Cisco UCS Rack Server Configuration-Based Discount Promotion offers competitive discounts on designated components
This promotion is designed to help Cisco partners enter more sales opportunities with Cisco UCS rack servers, using highly competitive, preemptive best front-end pricing. Start Selling Today
2017 Q1 Announcements
10/25/2016 Compete head-to-head against HPE
Take advantage of highly competitive UCS pricing, deal protection, and higher partner gross margins when competing head-to-head against HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) servers. Find Out More
08/25/2016 Cisco Account Breakaway Program replaces New Account Breakaway (NAB) and covers Cisco UCS, HyperFlex, Nexus, and more
Account Breakaway rewards partners for finding, developing, and selling into new accounts with select technologies. Also applies to reactivated dormant UCS accounts. Get Details
2016 Q3 Announcements
04/19/2016 Data Center Partner Community
Find timely information and interact directly with Cisco business and technical professionals. Sign Up Here
04/19/2016 Big Data in the Data Center
Cisco, our data center partners, and Hadoop ISV sales teams plan for a lower-cost, scalable storage platform to capture and analyze data sources. Read More
04/19/2016 Join Us at a Cisco Security Program
More often than not, customers are facing sophisticated threats. Cisco's security solutions can help to meet customer needs and grow your bottom line. Learn more at our complimentary security training days in select cities. Register Now-Space is Limited
04/16/2016 OpenStack Summit: Cisco Has Plenty for You
This summit is going to be filled with great demos and presentations that will show how you can work beyond the stack to build and connect clouds and cloud applications. Find Out More
04/16/2016 Next-Gen Data Center User Group
Try out this independent, customer-driven community, designed to address next-generation business demands. Join a User Group
04/15/2016 Cisco Completes Acquisition of CliQr
Cisco acquired CliQr Technologies, a privately held company that offers a cloud platform to model, deploy, and manage applications across hybrid IT environments. Learn More
04/14/2016 Data Center Partner VT Registration Now Open!
The Cisco Americas Partner Organization's Data Center Partner Virtual Training will equip you with the latest information on our data center architectures, solutions, and products. Visit the Community Site
04/14/2016 America's Partner Organization Partner Enablement Events
Data center events are happening every week. Choose from roadshows, tech talks, workshops, and more. Find an Event Near You
04/05/2016 DevOps Should Not Miss These Events
Get a complete outlook about the newest and greatest in the industry. Find an Event
04/01/2016 ACI White Paper
This document discusses the challenges presented by today's data centers. Learn how the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure addresses them through four types of switched port analyzers (SPANs). Download Now
03/15/2016 ACI Workflow Videos
This 76-second clip introduces a series of workflow videos on YouTube that show you how to deploy an application service with Citrix NetScaler using the Cisco APIC and the ACI Fabric. Watch Now
03/10/2016 Cisco Announces HyperFlex, A Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Extend the benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases. Use our HyperFlex technology to unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructures today. Learn More
03/01/2016 SDN Data Center
Integra wanted to stay ahead of its customers' needs to scale and retain data. The answer: Modernizing its data centers with virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN). Read the Case Study
02/24/2016 Cisco Live Berlin Recap
Get ideas on how to make customer presentations by checking out this summary of companies who were profiled at Cisco Live Berlin. Read More
02/24/2016 Cisco Live Berlin Customer Session
If you don't have time to dig into the recap, the main takeaway here is that our Application Centric Infrastructure delivers speed, simplicity, and security to your current and potential customers. Check out the entire Cisco Live customer session
02/11/2016 Cisco USC Interactive Webcast
Our data center experts review new Cisco UCS features, including third-generation fabric interconnects, new acceleration options for Cisco UCS, and scalability options for Cisco UCS solutions.
02/02/2016 Cisco IMC Supervisor
Building on the architectural foundations, partnerships, and rapid customer adoption of Cisco UCS, we have introduced innovations inspired by customer requirements in two major data center technology areas. Read the Post

Additional Announcements