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Move Computing Workloads to Modern Solutions

SUSE is the original provider of enterprise Linux distribution.

Together, Cisco and SUSE help companies create advanced data centers. You can create private clouds and move your mission-critical computing workloads from outdated UNIX/RISC systems to modern, more cost-effective solutions.

SUSE helps you take full advantage of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) by providing software certifications, support for multiple hypervisors, and SAP interoperability. SUSE also offers an integration module for OpenStack-based SUSE Cloud and Cisco UCS Manager, which enables fast, easy, and consistent provisioning of computing resources in the cloud.

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SUSE Cloud is an enterprise cloud computing platform that facilitates easy deployment and seamless management of an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) private cloud. SUSE Cloud automates the otherwise-complex OpenStack install process, helping you to more quickly build private clouds.

SUSE also provides a unique module that integrates SUSE Cloud and Cisco UCS Manager so you can provision Cisco hardware from within the cloud management console.

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SUSE Cloud Integration with Cisco UCS and Cisco Nexus Platforms

"In general, our SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse applications run several times faster on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server than they did on our previous UNIX platform."

Markus Sperzel
Team Manager, Systems

With Linux you get the same reliability and availability as UNIX, but at a greatly reduced total cost of ownership.

Cisco and SUSE both have longstanding partnerships with Intel, helping customers get the most from Intel Xeon processors. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can also take advantage of hardware features and capabilities sooner than other Linux distributions with newer kernel and faster driver availability.

By simplifying management, a Cisco UCS and SUSE solution has the potential to significantly lower your maintenance requirements and thus relax demands on your IT budget. One customer moved its SAP solution from UNIX to SUSE Linux and generated cost savings of around 70 percent.

See how a migration can help you.

"By allowing us to run numerous SAP application instances on each physical server, the Xen virtualization technology within SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has reduced our hardware costs by around 75 percent. With fewer physical servers, our electricity bills are approximately 12.5 percent lower than before."

Alexandre Leite
IT Infrastructure Manager

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides support for multiple hypervisors, including KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, and VMware. As such, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is both a perfect guest and perfect host for any virtualized environment. You can choose the hypervisor you want or need, instead of being forced into one or the other.

KVM and Xen also experience performance gains on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server when compared with other Linux distributions. And SUSE provides a simplified, tiered-cost model for running an unlimited number of virtual machines as guests.

Learn more about virtualization on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports more than 10,000 independent software vendor (ISV) applications, the most of any Linux distribution. This means you can integrate SUSE Linux Enterprise Server into mixed IT infrastructures, continue running existing applications, including SAP, and add new applications as your needs change.

SUSE is the number-one Linux platform for SAP, and is SAP's development platform. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is also the only platform for SAP HANA.

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