Cisco ACI Case Study: Pulsant

University of Dammam

Expanding Business with Cloud Solutions

United Kingdom service provider Pulsant improves its services and profits with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.


Pulsant provides data centers, cloud hosting services, and managed networks. It aimed to:

  • Make it easier for staff to set up customer solutions
  • Expand business by positioning the company for big opportunities in cloud computing
  • Automate delivery of highly secure, agile cloud services with environments that are open to support future technologies


  • Simplified customer provisioning by removing boundaries between physical and virtual workloads
  • Automated manual tasks, adding and selling more services, and onboarding customers faster
  • Increased agility and cut costs by creating highly secure and open hybrid cloud solutions
  • Currently developing a customer portal for ordering services
With Cisco ACI, we are selling more cloud services, adding new cloud services, and onboarding customers faster without increasing staff.
- Martin Lipka,
Head of Connectivity, Pulsant