Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Latest Innovations

Automate Your Applications

Our partners support automation of entire app suites, SaaS, and platform as a service. (3:41 min)

Automate Your Applications

Increase Business Speed and Agility

As customers continue on the path to digital transformation, Cisco is dedicated to helping you succeed. We continuously work to add innovations and ecosystem partners to our industry-leading software defined networking (SDN) solution – Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).

The following are our latest additions to ACI.

Scaling for Cloud-Based Infrastructure

The new release of ACI 2.0 software improves scalability to support data center applications across both on-premises data center and cloud domains.

Docker Container Support

ACI provides support for bare-metal servers and virtual machines. Now it extends support for Docker container endpoints through policy integration with our Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and Project Contiv.


Cisco is expanding micro-segmentation support to the VMware DVS and Microsoft Hyper-V. Micro-segmentation can enable networks to quarantine compromised or rogue endpoints. This improves security by limiting threats from moving laterally (east to west) in the data center.

Choice in Cloud Management Platforms

Adding to our Microsoft AzurePack support for private cloud, Cisco now offers full, policy-based cloud automation with vRealize for VMware environments, and also OpenStack deployments.

Service Insertion and Chaining

ACI now supports service insertion and chaining for any service device, without a device package. Customers have the flexibility to preserve their existing operational models, while automating network services.

ACI MultiSite

ACI delivers consistent, policy-driven automation across multiple data centers to promote application mobility and disaster recovery through the new ACI MultiSite toolkit.

Operational Simplicity

Our new ACI capabilities can increase ease of operations and accelerate the configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of application infrastructure.

New ACI Ecosystem Partners

Ecosystem partners allow the automation of entire application suites, software as a service, and platform as a service. In addition to CliQr, DataTorrent, and Vnomic, four new members have joined the Cisco Solution Partner program:

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