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Securing Voter Registration Systems

Networking Solutions Island of Content Event

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Updated:July 1, 2020

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Updated:July 1, 2020


U.S. Public Sector/Cybersecurity

Democracy thrives when there’s trust in election results

Election systems are vital. They hold critical voter information and enable the entire process that decides our nation’s leaders. Today, ensuring election integrity is more important than ever.

Yet election systems are complex and difficult to secure. Attackers exploit complexity, targeting voter registration databases to disrupt our elections and possibly affect outcomes.

MITRE provides specific guidance to secure voter registration databases, and we can help you take action on their advice today.



Why Cisco Security is the right choice

Get the right solutions to act on MITRE’s recommendations

Benefit from security that’s surprisingly simple and highly effective

Act now and defer payments until 2021

Start here

MITRE recommends:

Where to start:

Secure external communications

with authentication, encryption and monitoring of all network traffic

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud

monitors and analyzes network traffic to spot suspicious patterns

Strengthen network defenses

using segmentation, intrusion detection and content filtering

Cisco Umbrella and Email Security

filters web and email traffic to stop threats from reaching your users

Enhance access management

with multifactor authentication and role-based access control

Cisco Duo

simplifies multifactor authentication while ensuring device trust

Improve system management

and monitoring with asset visibility, logging, and endpoint security

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

monitors high-risk endpoints for malware threats and vulnerabilities

Facilitate recovery and uptime

with recovery plans, system backups, and failover methodology

Cisco Talos Incident Response

proactive and reactive services help you prepare, respond, and recover

Recommended Control 1:

Secure external connections

MITRE recommends understanding normal communication patterns between registration databases and external systems like the state’s motor vehicle authority. It establishes baselines that help you spot abnormal activity often associated with cyber threats.

Enter Stealthwatch Cloud. It combines network telemetry with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling to detect advanced threats and respond to them quickly. It spots threats in encrypted traffic too, without any decryption. Stealthwatch Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service solution delivered from the cloud that can monitor your internal election network.

It is easy to try, easy to buy, and simple to operate and maintain.

Recommended Control 2:

Strengthen network defenses

MITRE discusses how officials use their workstations for a variety of activities beyond election-specific purposes like email and web browsing, adding to the cyber risks. It’s not always practical to have separate systems. That’s why they recommend email and web content filtering for those workstations.

Cisco Umbrella and Email Security do precisely that. Umbrella uses the DNS layer to block malicious and unwanted domains, IP addresses, and cloud applications before a connection is ever established. Email Security stops phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and spam while enhancing Office 365 email security. And because they’re cloud-delivered, implementation is practically effortless.

Recommended Control 3:

Enhance access management

MITRE reminds us what we all know about passwords: Strong ones are necessary, but complex password requirements have been detrimental to security overall. That’s why they recommend multifactor authentication: Something you have, like a phone, in addition to something you know.

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication than Cisco Duo. It’s the cloud-based, user-friendly, scalable way to enhance access management through multifactor authentication.

With Duo, you can:

      Verify identity in seconds

      Protect any application on any device

      Easily deploy in any environment

Recommended Control 4:

Improve system management

What’s the highest value target for attackers? MITRE says they’re systems with privileged access, like administrator workstations and servers that manage other components. These systems “represent a high risk to the entire system if not monitored properly for threats,” so MITRE recommends endpoint security services to protect them from compromise.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints is the perfect solution. It protects important systems through continuous monitoring of malicious behavior, rapid malware detection, and removal across your election networks.

With AMP for Endpoints, you can:

      Block malware at the point of entry

      Gain visibility into file and executable-level activity

      Remove malware from PCs, Macs, Linux, and mobile devices.

Recommended Control 5:

Facilitate recovery and availability

MITRE highlights clear recovery plans to mitigate any threats that have impacted election systems.

Cisco Talos Incident Response Services will help you strengthen your readiness and response to attacks. Our full suite of proactive and reactive incident response services help you prepare, respond, and recover from a breach. With Talos IR, you have direct access to the same threat intelligence available to Cisco.

Let our experts work with you to evaluate existing plans, develop a new plan, and provide rapid assistance when you need it most.



You can also defer 95% of payments until after the election

Alleviate the financial burden

      Tax revenue and collections have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic, causing state budget crises across the nation.

Cisco Capital® is ready to help

      Our 2020 Business Resiliency Program enables you to secure voter registration databases now with Cisco Security solutions, while managing short-term cash flow and liquidity concerns.

This too shall pass

      But through it all, you can still bolster election security without the financial strain.

And once we get though this together, we can do much more

Get security that works together

      SecureX is our broad, integrated security platform that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications.

      It’s a built-in experience for all Cisco Security products that connects with your entire security infrastructure.

      And because it’s already built in, there’s nothing more to buy: SecureX is available to all Cisco Security customers.

Act on every MITRE recommendation with Cisco Security

Recommended Control

Detailed Control

Cisco Security

Strengthen External Communications

  Patterns of communication
  Protecting connections
  Authenticating endpoints
  Verifying data
  Stealthwatch Cloud/Enterprise
  Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  Registered Envelope Service

Strengthen Network Defenses

  Network segmentation
  Intrusion Detection Systems
  Device Access Control
  Email, Web, Content Filtering
  ISE/Group Based Policy
  Umbrella/Web/Email Security

Enhance Access Management

  Role-Based Access
  Multifactor Authentication
  Identity Management
  Supply Chain Risk

Improve System Management

  Logging, Aggregation, Analysis
  Vulnerability Scanning
  Asset Management
  Patch Management
  Endpoint Security Services
  Security Analytics and Logging
  Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

Facilitate Recovery

  Recovery Strategy
  Continuity of Operations
  Talos Incident Response Service

#Protect2020 with Cisco Security

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