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Cisco Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Cloud onRamp for Colocation At-a-Glance

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Updated:July 1, 2019

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Updated:July 1, 2019

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Simplify and better protect your WAN with a better multicloud user experience

Create regional, geographic, or collocated WAN aggregation hub sites and aggregate multiple branch office locations and connect to multiple cloud infrastructures.

Deploy network services at the network edge on demand and in minutes over a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) or traditional routing infrastructure with simplified orchestration and management. With centralized orchestration, it is now simple and easy to design, provision, and manage trusted network services that are critical to your business.

By consolidating distributed branch egress points into virtual hubs, IT management can reduce network management costs, complexity, and even their attack surface to better protect against threats. And reducing the geographic distance to cloud applications can improve overall performance.

Cisco’s SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation solution helps solve these challenges through:

     Aggregation. The solution allows multiple branch offices and network services to be aggregated into hub sites for increased security and simplified management with reduced footprint and requirements at the branch offices. Proximity to clouds increases user experience and can reduce branch office circuit costs.

     Software centricity. By converting network services to software, you get flexibility, agility, and simplicity. A central controller managing various software components allows for lean IT and allocating people resources to other strategic initiatives.

     On-demand services. To add a new or updated network service in a traditional environment may mean a service call, shipping dedicated hardware to the site, and weeks and even months to deploy. Service calls are eliminated as services can be added as needed, on demand, without a physical staff present at the location. And it can be done in minutes, not weeks or months.


Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation benefits include:

     Aggregation of branch offices into regional or colocation hubs and inclusion of network services as part of the routing topology

     Streamlined security, control, and visibility to better protect the entire WAN

     Better multicloud user experience with lower latency and decreased circuit costs due to proximity to clouds


Cisco delivers a secure, intelligent platform for multicloud access

The Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation solution aggregates your branch offices to key regional locations or colocations and allows you to securely deploy multicloud connected network services at the network edge for better quality of service, simplified management, and increased security.

With Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation, you can:

     Aggregate your network services for SD-WAN or traditional routing, connecting branch offices to key regional locations and colocations

     Deploy secure virtualized network services automatically on demand with centralized policy management—in just minutes with software, instead of weeks

     Help to maintain SLAs and provide a better user experience with proximity to multiple clouds

     Connect to multiple clouds and colocation centers and significantly reduce transport costs

     Decrease the need for trained IT professionals at each branch site without sacrificing security

Simplified multicloud access and security

Creating network hubs for multicloud access can help to simplify managing security policy between partners, customers, and employees who connect remotely. Cisco SD-WAN Cloud onRamp for Colocation can help to create network hubs in your data center or colocation facility with the ability to spin up virtual services on demand for managing a consistent user and security policy across any types of users, e.g. employees, partners, and customers.

For more information visit: https://www.cisco.com/go/sd-wan.



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