Microsoft and Cisco solutions

Simply connect, protect, and consume within your networking environment.

Simplify your network environment

Cisco and Microsoft Azure are redefining digital transformation across your network and hybrid environments. In the data center, at the edge, and in the cloud, this partnership simplifies how you protect, connect, and consume across your network—with flexibility in mind.

Cisco solutions fueled by Microsoft
  • Campus
  • Branch
  • Data Center/Co-Lo
  • IoT/Edge
  • Public Cloud
  • DC/Private Cloud
  • Campus
  • Branch
  • Data Center/Co-Lo
  • IoT/Edge
  • Public Cloud
  • DC/Private Cloud

Cisco and Microsoft security resilience

Protect any connection, for now and what’s next.

Cisco and Microsoft redefine security across your network, cloud, and users—so you can do more.

Always-on, anywhere security

Here. There. Everywhere. Take a holistic approach to security and protect your organization as it grows.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

A member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, integrating our solutions with Microsoft’s security.

Explore solutions that power your digital transformation

Cisco's industry-leading virtualized infrastructure products are enabling the cloud era. Connecting enterprise businesses to personal residences, its range of products makes connectivity, communication, and collaboration possible.

Secure your users with cloud solutions

You need solutions that address needs across multiple network environments. Whether you’re extending your private network to multicloud capability or centralizing management across networks, benefit from the experience of Cisco and Microsoft to align network results with business goals, and enhance the security of your users.

Build your systems design foundation with Cisco Validated Design guides

Secure Remote Worker

Help to ensure that your remote workforce has secure connected access to the resources they need.

Cisco Umbrella

Bring together and adopt essential security functions incrementally, at your pace.

Cloud OnRamp

Automate seamless connectivity with a solution that delivers extensive cloud integrations. 

Cisco SD-WAN

Centralize cloud management, protect users and devices, and meet network demands.

Bring your network journey to life

Cisco and Microsoft’s expanded partnership can help your business to achieve cloud-driven digital transformation. By simplifying your network experience with full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, you can make sure your operations run optimally.

Data Center hybrid cloud solutions

Incorporating the latest advancements from Intel, AMD, memory, and storage enables cloud-managed infrastructure solutions to drive partners’ most challenging workloads.

SQL Server

Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System leads ground-breaking designs for SQL Server.

Azure Stack HCI

Cisco UCS C-Series drives hybrid cloud workloads for SQL Server, VDI, and key virtualized workloads.