Dynamic Content and Customized Experiences to Differentiate and Grow Your Business

Cisco Vision is an end-to-end dynamic signage solution that enables businesses to communicate and engage with customers - and employees - in new and more impactful ways. This proven, high-definition digital content and video solution provides you the flexibility required to deliver the digital experiences your customers demand.

A fully deployed Cisco Vision solution includes a video headend and digital endpoints, along with Cisco Vision Dynamic Signage Director to coordinate, manage and orchestrate interactivity between customers and all areas of your properties. Underneath it all is our converged digital ready network foundation. This is designed to optimize Cisco Vision, providing a flexible, simple, and secure network that will help you deliver more customized experiences while enhancing your efficiency.

To maximize the impact of your Cisco Vision solution, Cisco offers the Content Creation Service. This service provides a comprehensive content strategy designed to address your content services needs (i.e. Advertising/sponsorship activations, promotions, special offers, product information, etc.), with top-quality digital content created by our team of award-wining creative experts.

Sports and entertainment properties, retailers, hospitality providers, transportation hubs and others around the world are taking advantage of these key Cisco Vision capabilities to unleash the power of digital experiences and capture new growth opportunities:

  • Experience Customization and Transformation
    • Live video streaming throughout the facility with area channel guides
    • Centralized control of all multimedia endpoints (Digital Media Players) with ability to segment attached displays into groups independent of location, allowing you to quickly transform the building for different events or moments
    • Synchronized, targeted content delivery across all displays, all the time to optimize communication, promotion and advertising opportunities
    • Automated display of content based on scripting or ad hoc states (i.e. scripted event states, dynamic menus at PoS, real time news, emergencies, directional signage and more)
    • Flexible content presentation including support for multiple transparent overlays and 3rd party content to maximize customer engagement opportunities
    • Integration with LED, interactive touch screen, mobile solutions
  • Operational and Management Efficiencies
    • Single digital content repository
    • Proof of play collection for validation and use with advertising partners
    • Single button power on/ off for all displays
    • Role-based access for delegation of roles and responsibilities across the property, i.e. operators, administrators, and content suppliers

All of these capabilities and services can be custom tailored, with display-level control, to specific areas of your facility to contribute to your business goals.

Note: Cisco Vision Dynamic Signage Director was formerly known as Cisco StadiumVision Director.

Additional resources:

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  • To find more details about Cisco Vision for airports, retail and hospitality opportunities please contact your local Cisco sales representative.

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