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Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 Embedded Series Switch

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Updated:February 17, 2021

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Updated:February 17, 2021

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The Cisco® Catalyst® ESS9300 Embedded Series Switch delivers the high-speed and security capabilities needed for real-time, high-bandwidth, mission-critical networking. The 10GE switch comes in a ruggedized, ultracompact form-factor making it ideal for mobile and embedded networks that operate in extreme environments. It enables partners and integrators to build custom solutions for specialized use cases.

ESS9300 top View and Bottom view


      High-bandwidth (10GE) to meet the need to process high volumes of data

      Crucial security features to protect networks from cyber threats

      High port density and low power consumption in a small-form-factor

      Easy to integrate into compact solutions due to its size, weight, and power

      Reliable operation in extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration

      Feature-rich platform with next-generation Cisco IOS® XE

      Scalable with simplicity and unified management using Cisco DNA Center

How can you use the ESS9300?

Tactical data centers

Deploy ESS9300 switches in a tactical environment, giving soldiers the ability to roll these systems onto and off of aircraft or tactical ground combat vehicles. The advanced, secure, high-speed tactical network enables users to rapidly deploy on-the-move IT systems into foxholes or tent command posts.

Next-generation combat vehicles

Integrators can use the ESS9300 to securely and reliably connect tactical armored vehicles on the move.

Mining and oil and gas

The ESS9300 can also be used for other extremely rugged applications to monitor and analyze data, as well as support applications that require high-quality voice, video, and data connectivity.

These are just a few of the use cases in which the ESS9300 can be used.

What is the ESS9300?

The ESS9300 is designed for embedded applications requiring low power, small size, and ruggedization.

      10 ports of 10GE: Small-Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+)

      Advanced security features including secure boot and zeroization

      RJ45 Ethernet management port (optional)

      RJ45 or USB micro-B console port

      Common +3.3V and 5V power inputs

      Advanced next-generation Cisco IOS XE Software

      Low power consumption: 35W

Why Cisco?

Cisco brings decades of leadership in networking to industrial and mobile environments. The Cisco Catalyst ESS9300 uses the reliable and extensive Cisco IOS XE Software, enabling consistent end-to-end solutions from remote environments to headquarters and investment protection.

A rich ecosystem of products, including the Cisco Embedded Service 2020 and 3300 Series Switches and the Cisco 5921 and 6300 Series Embedded Service Routers, facilitates the development of new systems that work transparently with existing network infrastructure. The embedded switch allows for flexible integration into systems integrator solutions.

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