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Cisco DNA Software for Access: Switching and Wireless Subscription Offers At a Glance

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Updated:October 11, 2021

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Updated:October 11, 2021



Cisco® Networking is your team’s bridge to an intent-based network. It is an open, extensible, software-driven portfolio that helps accelerate and simplify your enterprise network operations while lowering costs and reducing risk. Only Cisco provides a single-network fabric that is powered by deep intelligence and integrated security to deliver automation and assurance across your entire network organization at scale. Cisco Networking gives IT time back from time-consuming, repetitive network configuration tasks so you can focus on the innovation your business needs.

The latest innovations in Cisco Networking include new software capabilities that deliver greater intelligence and security through Cisco DNA subscription licensing for access switching and wireless software and an architectural approach that delivers end-to-end visibility, automation, and insights.

Cisco DNA for access switching subscription

Scale your network for business expansion; segment your network for security, compliance, and complex processes; and centralize network access policy management for secure access.

Cisco DNA for access wireless subscription

Get exceptional wireless performance for high-density environments; personalize services through location-based solutions; and secure your network by protecting devices, data, and your business with strong, network-based security. Built with an agile OS, the new wireless controller are the most secure controllers that are always-on and can be deployed anywhere.

Benefits of software subscription

      Ongoing access to newest features

      Up-to-date security protection

      Software refresh independent of hardware

      Ability to renew and scale what you want

      License portability for flexibility

      Better together pricing

      Linear, predictable budget spend

      Software Support Service (SWSS) included

Introduction to Smart Licensing

Cisco Smart Licensing is a flexible licensing model that provides you with an easier, faster, and more consistent way to purchase and manage software across the Cisco portfolio and across your organization. And it’s secure – you control what users can access. With Smart Licensing you get:

      Easy Activation: Smart Licensing establishes a pool of software licenses that can be used across the entire organization—no more PAKs (Product Activation Keys).

      Unified Management: My Cisco Entitlements (MCE) provides a complete view into all of your Cisco products and services in an easy-to-use portal, so you always know what you have and what you are using.

      License Flexibility: Your software is not node-locked to your hardware, so you can easily use and transfer licenses as needed.

To use Smart Licensing, you must first set up a Smart Account on Cisco Software Central.

For a more detailed overview on Cisco Licensing, go to cisco.com/go/licensingguide.

Cisco DNA for switching subscription

      The new Cisco DNA subscription for switching is available Cisco® Catalyst® 3000, 4000, and 6000 Series as well as on Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switches.

Cisco DNA Essentials delivers base automation, monitoring, and management.

With this solution, customers can enable basic automation and monitoring. Cisco DNA Essentials is not available on Cisco Catalyst 9600 Switches.

Cisco DNA Advantage delivers policy-based automation with SD-Access, monitoring, and Cisco DNA Assurance.

Cisco DNA Spaces entitlement for Smart Buildings (See and Extend) is included for Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series Switches.

Customers need to buy ISE Base, ISE Plus, and Stealthwatch® to enable all Cisco DNA use cases.

For a full list of features for switching, visit: https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_us/products/software/dnasubscription-switching/en-sw-sub-matrix-switching.html?OID=otren019471.

Cisco DNA for wireless subscription

      The new Cisco DNA subscription for wireless is available on Catalyst 9100 Access Points, Catalyst 9800 Series Controllers (9800-40, 9800-80, 9800-L and 9800-CL) as well as Cisco 802.11ac Wave 2 Aironet (R) access points and controllers (WLC 3504, 5520 and 8540).

Cisco DNA Essentials delivers base automation and basic assurance.

Cisco DNA Advantage delivers Automation, Assurance, Cisco AI Network Analytics and location analytics.

For a full list of features for wireless, visit: https://www.cisco.com/c/m/en_us/products/software/dnasubscription-wireless/en-sw-sub-matrix-wireless.html?oid=porew018984.

Cisco DNA Expansion pack

The Cisco DNA Expansion Pack is a flexible way to purchase Cisco ISE, Cisco DNA Spaces, Secure Network Analytics (Stealthwatch), ThousandEyes and other licenses, appliances, and services in one convenient bundle. Enhance your Cisco networking solutions such as SD-Access, Zero Trust solutions, Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA), location analytics, and assurance. You can add the pack to your Cisco DNA software licenses and choose the license count that fits your needs.

For more details, contact a Cisco sales or Cisco registered partner.

Why Cisco?

Digital business relies upon a new digital network in enterprise networking and in the data center. This new network requires a software-based and policy-driven approach, automation, built-in security, and proactive monitoring and troubleshooting informed by insights from your business. Cisco is delivering this new network via Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) for enterprise networking.

Through these innovations, we make it easier for IT to respond to the ever-evolving demands of your business. Cisco is the premier company with the breadth, depth, and intellectual property to fully enable all of your organization’s telecommunications needs now and into the future.

Cisco Software Support

With Cisco DNA software licenses, customers receive embedded SWSS – which covers 24x7x365 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support, software release updates, advanced support analytics, and designated service management. This is valid only for the Cisco DNA software subscription stacks (Cisco DNA Essentials, Advantage, and Premier).

For full hardware support, including the network stack (Network Essentials/Advantage), customers will require Smart Net Total Care for 24x7x365 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support, proactive security and product alerts, and product lifecycle management. An additional option for hardware support is Solution Support for your multivendor Cisco solution environment.

Next steps

To learn more about how Cisco DNA Software can help your organization on its journey, visit the Cisco DNA Software website at https://www.cisco.com/go/one.

For information about Cisco Services, visit https://www.cisco.com/go/services.



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