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Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud for Bare Metal Compute At-a-Glance

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Updated:October 25, 2021

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Updated:October 25, 2021

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Cisco+ provides all the benefits of Cisco, now as a service. Boost speed, agility, and scale with on-demand solutions that intelligently adapt to your business needs. Our hybrid cloud offers give you flexible consumption for your on-premises infrastructure so you can optimize workloads across clouds, on-premises data centers, labs, and co-location facilities for scale, performance and agility, with great value. We are taking several years of buying trends and behaviors, and packaging our most popular solutions to meet common needs.

You have the flexibility to choose a consumption model tailored to your business: pay as you use or pay as you grow.

Pay as you use:

This model provides maximum flexibility on service capacity. It allows you to scale up or down as your business changes and is ideal for seasonal or hard-to-predict scenarios. You select a reserved service capacity for your organization and then can scale up or down as your requirements vary.

Pay as you grow:

Ideal for high-growth organizations, this model provides a buffer for growth in the services you need. It allows you to commit to a known service capacity and allows flexibility to add capacity as your business needs change.

In each scenario, Cisco will deploy a full-stack solution package of hardware, software, and services with customer success to provide you with flexible IT resources and capacity required to run your business with cloud-like scalability and agility, while enabling the security, control, and performance of on-premises workloads. With Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud, you can choose to self-manage day-2 operations or work with a leading Cisco provider partner for a fully managed service offer. We are building a model that will flex with your evolving business needs and changes over time.

Why Cisco+?

      World-class hardware, software, and APIs: Cisco delivers industry-leading technologies from Cisco and its technology partners across compute, storage, networking, automation, and cloud, designed to meet your diverse operating environment.

      Flexible consumption: With Cisco+, you can pay as you use, to get the flexibility to grow and shrink capacity utilization on demand, or pay as you grow, to get growth capacity for your increased IT needs while scaling up on your own terms without breaking the bank or having to continuously over-provision.

      Simple dashboard views on service usage: Cisco makes it easy to track service usage through a single pane, allowing you to understand business trends and determine future investments. Cisco and Cisco partners optionally offer professional and managed services to deliver as-a-service outcomes, depending on your preference.

      Artificial intelligence for optimizing service: Not only do you pay for what you use, but Cisco’s machine- intelligence solutions will help tell you the best way to run your applications and workloads to optimize for performance and minimize expenditure.

      Ecosystem choice: Cisco and our certified partners bring a large technology ecosystem to enable you to run operations according to the needs of your business.

      Country availability: Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud is currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia.

      Partner eligibility: Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud is only available through qualified partners. The partner must be a tier 1 partner that can transact with Cisco directly. The partner must have either a Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud/IaaS designation or a Cisco Data Center Master or Advanced Specialization.

Solution overview

Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud for Bare Metal Compute

A range of bare-metal configurations of Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS®) servers delivered and operated for customers on their premises and consumed on a pay-per-use basis. You only pay for the resources you consume, and the buffer capacity supports both steady growth and unexpected spikes in demand.

Virtualization is a key technology for unlocking the full potential of your server. But not every application can be virtualized, because of either application constraints or performance reasons. With over 150 world record benchmarks, Cisco UCS has demonstrated bare-metal performance for the most demanding applications. That, coupled with the unified fabric and cloud-based management of Cisco Intersight, makes Cisco UCS uniquely positioned to deliver the best user experience for on-demand bare-metal computing as-a-service.

Why Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud for Bare Metal Compute:

      Reduce CapEx

      On-premises capacity on demand

      Elastic infrastructure / IT resources / IT capacity that can flex with business needs

      Mitigate supply chain lead times constraints

Learn more

To learn how Cisco+ can help your organization on its journey, please contact Cisco Sales or your Cisco registered partner.

For more information, visit cisco.com/go/cisco+ and review the Cisco+ End User Program Terms and the Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud End User Offer Specific Terms.




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