TelePresence Integration Solutions

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Cisco codecs and Quick Sets offer integrators the ability to deploy:

  • High-definition video
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Integration flexibility

You need the power and flexibility to design your own system or bring a customer's vision to life. You can use Cisco industry-leading video codecs to tailor systems to meet specific environments and requirements. High quality is a constant, with a superior level of video and audio. Users with unique applications appreciate the power and flexibility of Cisco solutions, platforms, and products.

At a Glance

More and more, companies are choosing to combine room-based and desktop systems from the start. As long as the products that you choose are standards based, everyone from desktop users to room-based groups can be part of the same conversation.

Cisco offers telepresence systems for almost every individual and team need, including:

  • Dedicated immersive telepresence rooms
  • Flexible multipurpose collaboration rooms
  • Personal and executive smart desktop systems
  • Mobile-device solutions for anywhere access

This broad portfolio is flexible and can meet the needs of the largest enterprises. These systems also help small and midsize businesses that want to expand their telepresence adoption or are exploring how to get started.

Transform Business Processes with Video

Make it easier for teams to collaborate, innovate, and resolve issues quickly. The following resources tell you how: