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Partner Transformation

Partner alongside Cisco to transform your practice and deliver to your customers the business outcomes they need.

Transform and deliver expanded value

Access new buying centers with co-selling

Increase deal sizes and profitability by co-selling with solution partners.

Transform to achieve a higher growth rate

Know the value of transforming your business.

Capture 2-3x more software revenue

Selling Cisco software across portfolios is easier with Cisco buying programs, including the new Cisco Enterprise Agreement (3.0).

Calculate the business value of transformation

This infographic is an excellent guide to the Business Value Calculator.

How to transform

Cisco will help you to build new capabilities to meet customer needs for desirable business outcomes. Explore the possibilities. Leverage Cisco’s new educational framework for partner practice building through a series of online training modules. Develop the capabilities needed to generate new revenue streams and better meet customer needs for solutions.

It’s always about customer experience

Partner alongside Cisco to transform your business to better meet customer needs for use case-driven business outcomes. Cisco will help you build these new capabilities. Explore the possibilities.

Cisco Partner Journeys

Explore purpose-built journeys that guide you through Cisco's existing content, resources, and tools that accelerate outcomes—with instructions all along the way.

Build your software development and solutions practice

Bring integrated solutions built on Cisco platforms to market. Learn how to leverage Cisco APIs.

Develop your own lifecycle and managed services practice

Expand your practice to include lifecycle services that bolster the customer’s adoption of and value realized from your technology solution.