Product Online Web Returns - POWR 2.0 Tool

Cisco Product Online Web Returns (POWR 2.0) Tool

A account or valid email address and RMA / Trade-In number is required to use POWR.

Process Return

General Information

  • RMAs will be available in POWR within 2 hours after the RMA is authorized
  • Package your RMA correctly following Cisco's Packaging Instructions
  • The POWR tool can be used for Trade-In RMAs and Replacement Returns, excluding Return to Factory (RTF) in the following locations.
    • If your location is not supported by the POWR tool, you will need to coordinate package transportation with your own vendor service to return defective products.
    • The return address details can be found on the Authorized Return Location page
  • If a scheduled pickup is missed, you can reschedule the pickup in the POWR tool or contact Cisco to assist

Track Returns

Attention Service RMA Returns

  • Brazil requires a return invoice to be included with the pickup request, please see the reference guide for assistance (English / Portuguese)
  • India requires a Delivery Challan to be included with the pickup request, please use the POWR tool to download a copy to be completed and attached with the pickup request

Attention Trade-In RMA Returns

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