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Cisco Product Online Web Returns (POWR 2.0) Tool

The POWR tool is a Web-based application designed for the return of authorized Service and Trade-In RMAs. It will create a Cisco paid return label with packing list and schedule a Cisco paid Carrier. The POWR generated label will direct the return to the appropriate Cisco Receiving, Repair or Test Site in addition to expediting Failure Analysis returns through the Cisco Receiving process. A password or valid RMA with email address or valid Trade-in with email address is required to access this site. See below for the recently added mobile App capability that enables service RMA returns via mobile device.

Process Return

Cisco's Mobile Technical Support App now supports service RMA returns. Download the App here to get started Download for iOS Download for Android

POWR Tool Benefits

  • Cisco pays for the return shipment of your defective part following Advance Hardware Replacement RMA
  • List of RMAs open for return
  • Easily track, monitor and view your returns
  • Create a label and packing list for each box in minutes
  • Reduce receiving discrepancies and increase on time closure of your returned RMA's

Attention Service RMA Returns

  • Your RMA will be available in POWR within 2 hours after your RMA is authorized
  • The POWR tool cannot be used for Return To Factory (RTF) Returns
  • If a scheduled pickup is missed please contact the relevant Service Asset Recovery team
  • Label your return correctly following theater specific label instructions in FAQ
  • Package your RMA correctly following Cisco's Packaging Instructions
  • Service returns are supported in the following locations

Attention Trade-In RMA Returns

  • Review Trade-In RMA Return Information in the upper right hand corner of this page, under "Related Links"
  • Package your RMA correctly following Cisco's Packaging Instructions

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