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Next Horizon Impact

Join us and become part of a movement to power an inclusive future for all.

Today there are many forces that create immediate and ongoing challenges across the world. From natural disasters to homelessness to social injustice and discrimination, many communities and people are left vulnerable and at risk. It is our responsibility as business leaders to step up to these challenges, to help communities recover, to invest in their future, and to break down barriers of inequality. Join us and become part of a movement to power an inclusive future for all.  

Join us in supporting the most vulnerable

We all have a role to play in advancing society and driving toward an inclusive future for all. At Cisco, supporting social justice initiatives and the community at large are intrinsic to who we are. Join us in supporting trusted organizations that solve for some of our communities’ biggest challenges such as food insecurity, equal justice for all, and homelessness. Contributions go directly to supporting these organizations. 

Pandemic Support

Foster diverse talent and forge opportunities 

It’s time to invest in people. We live in an ever-expanding knowledge economy and access to that economy is far from evenly distributed.  By investing in education, providing access to technical skills, and forging job opportunities we close the gap and ensure a more inclusive future for all. Here are three ways you can invest in education and forge opportunities for diverse talent.

Forge opportunities

Connect schools to technology

Invest in educational institutions to modernize their networking infrastructure to better serve their communities. 

  • Join Cisco in our commitment to invest over the next five years to invest in Historically Black Universities and Colleges to provide technology upgrades, exceptional remote learning options, and scholarships.
  • Collaborate with your local educational institutions around the world that serve underprivileged communities to provide access to internet connectivity and remote learning options.

Sponsor diverse talent

If every leader pledges to sponsor at least one person different from them, collectively we can have a multiplier effect on building a diverse pipeline of extraordinary talent at every level.

Take the Multiplier Effect Pledge and sponsor diverse talent.

Be inspired. See our partner community in action.

Cisco’s four pillars for an inclusive future

An inclusive future for all can be achieved through our technology, actions, and intentions.  This new framework will guide Cisco’s approach on how we respond to crisis, injustice, and global challenges.