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Cloud & Software Related Documents & Policies

Online Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to Cisco websites that link to it and describes how we handle personal information. Additional information about our personal information practices may be provided in the Supplemental Privacy Information on the Cisco Online Privacy Statement page or in notices provided at the time of data collection. Certain Cisco websites may have their own privacy statement that describes how we handle personal information for those websites specifically.

Master Data Protection Agreement

Effective September 1, 2017 - Master Data Protection Agreement (MDPA) for Systems Integrator Agreement, Service Provider Agreement, Vendor Services Agreement, Master Purchase Agreement, Master Service Agreement, Professional Services Subcontract Agreement, Supplier Base Agreement, Cloud Services Agreement or similar SaaS terms, Statement of Work, Service Description or Addendum related to the purchase of products and/or services, and applicable licensing and other agreements under which the Supplier has access to Protected Data, or if Supplier has access to Protected Data in the course of its performance under the applicable agreement.

Software License Portability Policy

This policy describes an authorized licensee’s rights with respect to reassignment of Cisco license entitlements between two (2) devices owned or leased by the licensee.

Software License Transfer and Re-Use Policy

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This document explains Cisco’s policy regarding the transfer of Cisco Software licenses between entities/end users.