Cisco Ringtones - About Cisco

Personalize your mobile phone with Cisco Ringtones.

Just download one of the following MP3 ringtones to your computer and transfer to your phone, or visit the Cisco Mobile Web at via your phone to download. Then follow your phone instructions on changing ringtones, commonly found under the sound or profile menus.

Additional ringtone installation instructions:

  • For Windows Mobile (Blackjack, MotoQ): After the file downloads and plays; exit out to the main Start Menu->"Settings"->"Sounds"->"Ringtone" select the Cisco ringtone
  • For Symbian S60 (Nokia E61): After the file downloads and plays; select "Options"->"Set as Ringing tone"

Due to the variety of cell phones and software, Cisco can not offer technical support for uploading ringtones to your phone. Please refer to your phone manufacturer or phone service provider for ringtone upload information.