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Plan Ceibal: Changing the way we learn

Changing the way we learn

Uruguay's Plan Ceibal uses TelePresence to teach English as a second language in all public schools across the country.



  • Strategic political decision to teach English as a second language across all public schools in the country
  • Lack of qualified English teachers in every public school
  • Budget limitation to bring foreign teachers from other countries



  • Introduced innovative learning models
  • Easily integrated video to universalize English teaching
  • Equipped students and teachers with right technology to reduce the digital divide

What they’re saying

Right now, we have almost 80,000 students learning English with our video conferencing system

Miguel Brechner, President, Plan Ceibal

Who is Plan Ceibal?

Industry: Government/Education
Location: Uruguay
Company size: About 80,000 students in 1,300 schools