Wireless Case Study: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

A Richer Museum Experience

A Richer Museum Experience

Company: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Industry: Entertainment

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


Fernbank Museum of Natural History leaders wanted to enrich guests' experience. The vision: deliver content such as trivia, animations, and video right to guests' mobile devices as they viewed exhibits. Wi-Fi performance had to be superb even when large crowds of people connected at the same time.


Guests can connect from anywhere in the museum over the Cisco Wi-Fi network or AT&T cellular network. Using the free museum app they can find their way around, read up on museum attractions, and learn more about the exhibit they're viewing. The app knows which exhibit the guest is viewing by using Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences technology.


Free Wi-Fi and the interactive app enrich the experience for museum guests. Informing visitors about merchandise and IMAX films related to the exhibits they're viewing stimulates gift-store purchases and ticket sales. And reports about foot traffic near each exhibit provide valuable information about visitor habits and tastes.

When you walk up to an exhibit, things will trigger automatically [on your app]. The network enables that to happen.
- Jennifer Grant Warner,
Executive Vice President and Chief Programming Officer, Fernbank Museum of Natural History

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