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Collaboration: Bridging the Productivity Gap

Collaboration: Bridging the Productivity Gap

BizWiseTV episode 20 (30:23 min)
Learn how diverse organizations from manufacturing to retail and healthcare are improving employee efficiency and performance.

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Optimizing employee efficiency and performance in today’s economy is critical. Now, learn how Cisco Unified Communications solutions are enabling organizations to accelerate decision making and problem resolution, increase sales and customer satisfaction, reduce costly errors and delays, and lower travel costs and other expenses.


  • Collaboration Overview
  • Collaborative Retail with Curtis Foster and Rich Lewis
  • Collaborative Healthcare with Frances Dare
  • Collaborative Manufacturing with Dan Knight


VALERIE ST JOHN: Hello, I'm Valerie St John.

ROBB BOYD: And I'm Robb Boyd. Today on BizWise TV, we're talking about collaboration, the new competitive advantage. Now collaboration carries many connotations in many contexts. But at its core, it comes down to two or more people working together toward a common goal, sharing knowledge, receiving knowledge and consensus building for the good of the team.

VALERIE ST JOHHN: That's right, the motivation here is the idea that the value of an organization, working together, is greater than the sum of its individuals working at a silo. And leadership is less centralized in favor of a model where everyone contributes.

ROBB BOYD: And there's no better time than now to master the new rules of productivity. To help you do that, we're going to focus on the five critical steps to thrive, not just survive, in our current environment. VALERIE ST JOHN: Yes, so let's take a step over to our trusty plasma here. And we'll start with the first principle, save to invest. This is key, a basic business principle. So you can be positioned to take advantage of these Darwinian markets we find ourselves in.

ROBB BOYD: Well, and these investments can allow you to unlock employee potential. By investing in employee tools to improve your effectiveness and allow your employees to ‐‐.

VALERIE ST JOHN: Drive customer intimacy. Now, by getting closer to your key customers and driving loyalty by truly understanding and meeting customer needs which will enable you to ‐‐.

ROBB BOYD: Distance yourself from your competition. This is where it really gets exciting. All the preceding steps lead logically to this point, as it implies that market share is now growing in your favor.

VALERIE ST JOHN: But it's not our last point. This is a five‐point process. So we must transition to a borderless enterprise.

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