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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience in Retail

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience in Retail

BizWiseTV episode 13 (31:52 min)
Learn how retailers can use technology to meet consumer expectations, transform their shopping experience, and reignite loyalty.

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When it comes to shopping, today's consumers are in control, with more choices and more options than ever before. As a result, it is no longer enough to offer a good selection of merchandise at attractive prices, but create the ultimate customer experience in retail. This special video will show you how retailers can meet the new expectations of consumers and reignite customer loyalty, despite an environment that is more competitive than ever before. It's all about the ultimate customer experience in retail.


  • Consumer motivations
  • Shops that pop
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Case studies


From shops that fizzle to shops that sizzle, new strategies to spark customer loyalty and send sales through the roof. Attention players, the retail game is changing quickly and the playing field crowded with more competition than ever. Industry sales last year surged above the 3 trillion-dollar mark, a boom for the economy, but a challenge for main street retailers now fighting to compete for the mega stores and countless retail portals on the web. With so many shopping alternatives and so many more to come, how does a small to midsize retailer get consumers to take notice? Today we're talking about creating the ultimate customer experience. Authoring retail consumer expert, Pam Danziger reveals the secret strategies behind fox that pop, branding by design your stall layout says a lot about new business, but is it sending the right message? Principles of the award winning Gensler Design Firm give us their top ticks for building around your brand. Hi my name is Matt, what can I do for you? In the battle to boost business and build brand loyalty, Big-Box Giant Circuit City with high-tech tools to work. From keeping tabs on your costumers to keeping track of your supply chain, can the right technology add stock to your bottom line? Nationally renowned retail IT expert, Brian Kilcourse, talks tech and profits. Bizwise TV for retail starts right now.

Hello, I'm Valerie St. John and welcome to Bizwise TV for retail. The retail pie is getting larger only not as fast as the number of retailers hoping to take a bite. According to census figures, retail is the nation's second largest industry supporting enough establishments to provide more than 15 million jobs.

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